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Review of Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo

This is my review of a popular ebook for guys in the dating world by David DeAngelo, titled Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women (Second Edition).

David DeAngelo starts by letting you know his Double Your Dating ebook is not an encyclopedia, but a reference to being successful with women. It is not intended to be a complete resource on how men can attract women. It is a mighty fine start. You get strong foundations any guy must know in order to become successful with women and dating.

The History of Double Your Dating and DeAngelo

After a decade’s experience in learning how to attract women, DeAngelo knows how guys approach the subject of learning how to be successful with women. Too often he has seen guys take a mental standpoint where they mistake themselves for knowing the information while they don’t put the skills to use. He mentions the need for guys to go out and practice the attraction skills he teaches. Many guys seeking advice from him are intelligent, but smart can be dumb. The skills he teaches, like any other, require practice. No great skill or canned pick-up lines will make a guy succeed with women and dating if they are not practiced, adapted, and understood.

There are many canned lines given in the ebook, which give you a strong frame of reference for creating your own lines. “What to say” is not the basis of the ebook. The ebook is not filled with lines – it is a holistic reference to become successful with women. The given lines act like the framework for tough situations, such as the complete guide on what to do and say to get a woman’s phone number. The ebook is a powerful reference to create the whole mindset you must have to start dating physically and emotionally attractive women.

DeAngelo has slashed through the loads of dating and psychology advice for men, most of which is useless or harmful.

This touches on another topic where guys follow the age-old dating myth of “just be yourself”. Most guys have no idea how to attract women because their natural self is bottled inside of fear, anxiety, and placing women on a pedestal. Once you practice and internalize the information, you then have the privilege to behave in whatever way is natural to you. Being yourself is an earned privilege and not a right.

DeAngelo’s teachings come from his own experience, and years of studying experts. He has slashed through the loads of dating and psychology advice for men, most of which is useless or harmful, so you can be certain his guidance and tips work. I heard him describe his learning experience from the loads of information as walking through a jungle with a machete slashing through the crap that gets in the way of men being successful with women.

The Theory of Attraction and Dating Women

In traditional DeAngelo fashion, he begins Double Your Dating with theory. He briefly goes back a few thousand years to identify the psychological factors of women that remain unchanged to this day. There are inherit differences between the way women and men think, feel, and behave. By taking advantage of these differences – instead of letting them confuse you, like most guys who are unaware of gender differences in dating and attraction – you become more successful with women.

Men new to attraction and the whole “pick-up scene” make the mistake of assuming women are only interested in handsome, tall, wealthy, and powerful men. These guys also mistake women as wanting similar characteristics in men that guys want in women.

You learn that women are naturally attracted to handsome, tall, wealthy, or powerful men. Though these characteristics instinctively trigger a woman’s natural feelings of attractiveness towards a guy, a man who develops his confidence, social skills, and attraction triggers can elicit more powerful sexual feelings from within her. What matters most is how a man makes a woman feel through his personality and communication. There are plenty of wealthy, tall, good-looking men who get women’s attention, but cannot keep it because they disobey the principles in Double Your Dating.

How This Will Help You Transform

Two general principles I loved, which stood out from Double Your Dating, is the mindset you must have to become good at something and the need to constantly improve yourself. Though the ebook provides quick, short-term tips to be successful with women, the guys who make the commitment and effort to practice the advice get greater success with women than the guys after quick canned lines. A commitment to yourself with persistent effort is a sure way to get the most out of any goal you desire. The second principle of constantly improving yourself will do all guys a miracle in becoming more emotionally and physically attractive.

You learn many skills in the ebook that I recommend to improve your social skills and feelings about yourself. You discover how to adjust your attitude, change negative beliefs to empowering beliefs, boost your self-esteem, become a man women know is sexually attractive, and general psychological betterment. The exercises he provides improves many areas of anyone’s life – they are not limited to helping guys become more successful with women.

Become a True Man That Naturally Attracts Women

One point I think you will love most in the ebook are the strategies and exercises to overcome your a fear of approaching women. Too many guys let their fear of approaching stop them from success with women. I felt DeAngelo was speaking directly to me with my past fears of going up to girl and getting rejected.

Another interesting point worth noting is “ass kissing” behavior like buying a woman’s affection is to be avoided at all times. In any situation where the motive behind complimenting is manipulative, you can expect a poor response. The basis of the ebook transforms these natural tendencies guys have into challenging behaviors (she buys you a drink). A guy in control of his life who can playfully tease women communicates sexually attractive qualities.

…a reference to being successful with women.

The personality styles that turn women on is, by itself, enough reason to check out the ebook. These personality styles go beyond personalities that women love – they are an entire life-changing mindset. One particular personality style of many I’ll share with you to demonstrate what I’m talking about is the “aggressive” personality. This personality is not about beating up women or being a jerk; it refers to pursuing a goal with passion, persistence, and determination. Women attract to men that work aggressively towards their passionate goals. It communicates energy, protection, security, and a future outlook. These are instinctively attractive traits to women.

Possibly the greatest thing about Double Your Dating was added in the second edition: the action exercises after every chapter. I cannot stress enough the need to practice any skill. Practicing is especially important in the dating world because fear unnecessarily prevents you from dating success. A lot of people develop their fears from thinking too much. The action exercises are little steps to get you where you want to be in the dating world. These steps backed by a lot of real-world advice means the ebook can help you go from not even being able to approach a girl, to having a great long-term relationship.

Overall, I was very pleased with the ebook. David DeAngelo’s style of writing was casual. I’ve observed his company and products for over five years. It is great to see thousands of men around the world in diverse cultures succeed from Double Your Dating.

Readers have more than doubled their dating – they have gone from never having a girlfriend to dating ten women a month. It’s crazy how much success some men now have with women after reading the ebook. These men are now the selectee instead of the selected.

If you wonder how you can be more successful with women, DeAngelo’s ebook shows you how. I believe all men if they practice hard, can “mold with their hands” the kind of success with women they want. If only every man could read it, they would not experience years of frustration, loneliness, and fear that controls their lives.

Double Your Dating has my recommendations behind it! Sign up to David’s newsletter by clicking here. Once you sign up, you will be taken to a page where you can download his ebook Double Your Dating: What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women (Second Edition). (If you already receive his newsletter, just enter a fake name and email to continue to the next step so you can get your copy of this amazing ebook.)

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Sorry to say, but I’m not so sure about David DeAngelo (aka Eben Pagan) myself. Sure, a lot of people say his advice works, but is it really good for a relationship (or one’s reputation) in the long run?

My method of talking to women has always been the opposite of David’s, and I’ve never run into any trouble.

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

If you’ve had zero trouble, then perhaps you could become the world’s leading expert on women and relationships. 😉

I have zero doubt it works because he has been learning about attracting women for 10+ years, it works for me, and it has worked for hundreds of thousands of other guys. A lot of the stuff is what naturals use.

In the attraction area, so many people question what doesn’t work. That’s fair enough because traditional dating experts give pathetic advice. Yet after providing a comprehensive review and FULLY guaranteeing double your dating works, your own beliefs hold you back from more success with women if you still question David’s work. The man is an expert.

With regards to reputation and long term relationships, I’ve repeatedly heard David say that ethics is extremely important to him. In his Advanced Dating Techniques program, David mentions several times how important ethics is to himself. If there was one dating/pick-up/attraction expert who emphasized integrity, reputation, and the like, it is him.

Lastly, if ALL guys (including men in marriage and other relationships) learned how to be successful with women and dating, then the number of divorces, unhappy marriages, and poor relationships would dramatically decline. That’s a huge statement and I completely stand by it.


It’s funny the skeptics never read past the cover.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re gonna believe him or not. But all his statistic are quite true about how and what causes women attracted. You don’t even need to use his techniques to attract women. Just don’t do what he told you not to and you will be ok.

I confirm Joshua is right.


Oh so, I’ve been checking out Double your Dating for a few male friends who seem to have a lot of trouble getting with chicks or have disastrous relationships. These are usually band mates, and the drama tends to get in the way of a lot of things.

So, I checked out DeAngelo’s articles, fully expecting to be offended, as I am often when men try to define women like we’re your last biology dissection project (like we’re from Venus and need to be led around by our noses and defined by a man in order to achieve happiness and success). Well, I wasn’t offended at all, actually. That guy is pretty smart and on track.

I’ve had my share of men chasing me around for years and have been through many of the scenarios he describes. I also have a lot of sympathy for men, because it’s not like this society really promotes the skill sets to be “manly” – maybe metrosexual at best. And I think it’s hard for men to get in touch with their feelings and to allow themselves pain and vulnerability.

I personally recommend Double Your Dating to my male friends, both the nice ones and the musician-sadists who end up attracting the super hot psycho vampires that stalk around rehearsals and end up being annoying. I don’t know about those chicks, maybe they just need to be put in their place. I’m sure DeAngelo would have a good suggestion.


I want to find out if double your dating can be printed.


Rasley, it can be in your bookshelf by tomorrow, if you print it yourself. 😀

As for the other guys, you are right, this stuff doesn’t work all the time. cus there is no stuff. He will teach you how to NOT BEHAVE LIKE A JACKASS that is MANIPULATING with women trying to get them into BED. tryin to get some. He will teach you how to be cool 😉

peace out..



I just have to put one thing straight. Nightlife has never been as enjoyable ever!

My life before I started to use techniques:
I totally stopped going out because it was always just a major set-back on my confidence level. I felt really crappy each time I’d go out drinking. Often drinking too much and making out with some strange looking dwarf woman. Not a very cool thing to do. I never dared to talk with the sexy girls, or I’ve tried at least, but that’s only when I’m drunk enough. Of course.. it has never worked out ever!

After I started to read about dating, and rather having fun than getting stressed, my whole life has changed. Whenever I approach a girl now, I leave her with a great confidence boost. I’ve even managed to sleep with some girls. Not too bad looking either, but I’m still aiming higher, and still eager to read and learn more. I haven’t bought the books written by DeAngelo yet, but I’m thinking about doing so. Anyways. Everyone should read and get inspired by these dating artists! They know what they’re doing, and they want to share it with us!

Nothing is better than feeling secure! And for once, you can be the one pulling the strings!

(My name is not Bob 😛 )


I have not yet read the book. I intend to purchase it today. I was wondering if anyone on this blog had a good book recommendation for guys who don’t seem to have a problem luring the girl in, but have trouble with making her stay. I’m a pretty good looking guy who can usually make a good first impression. I really would like to have a nice girlfriend, but I seem to to lose them after they get over their initial attraction to me.

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

joshp, it’s very common for good looking guys to initially attract a woman, then lose them because they haven’t developed the personality and communication skills to keep them attracted. Looks only gets you so far. The book will solve this for you.

Something else that might interest you, is a book by Savoy called “Magic Bullets“. It really is a do-this then do-that guide so you know exactly what to do to move the relationship forward at any given point. (See my review of it at the link above.)


What DeAngelo talks about is the truth! believe me :mrgreen:
it does work, even if not to get you around all women, but at least to make you believe and empower yourself, make you have control over yourself, and let others know that you control your life, and forget about attracting the opposite sex for awhile.. just think about how vital this line of behavior and positive thinking is important.

And like he says : “Don’t be a gentleman.. be a MAN” 😉


Joshua Uebergang ,
the way u think, the knowledge u have, the way u share it, its all great.
obviously the main concern is to study the western psychology and stuff…but wondering if u r concerned about the orientals considering the difference in presence of religious and psychological restrictions

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Merriam, thanks for your compliments. I’m not familiar with the details of how oriental culture differs with western psychology, though human psychology is human psychology. I do know that women feel attraction based on the same principles David teaches, regardless of culture. While culture may influence someone’s emotional buttons, their innate psychology has little difference to someone’s psychology 10,000 miles away.

Instead of looking for how something may not apply to you or how it does not work, you are better off trying and testing to see what works. You’ll be surprised at the success you get.


I started reading the book and I enjoyed it very much.

Mostly for the reason of I was too nervous or didn’t have anything to say. Well, it DEFINITELY helped with that. Now I have more confidence in approaching women just because I have more to say, I know I could of done it before, I just didn’t know what to say to keep their interest further than “what’s up?”.

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Hi, I am a straight woman and I have checked out some of David DeAngelo’s videos after reading this article. Now, if a guy tried some of the lines this guys uses I would think that he is obnoxious and fake, and by the way I like nice guys who are caring and kind (and NO that does not mean they buy me things, I prefer to pay for my owns drinks, or if he does buy me one then I will buy him one). So, please don’t follow this guys advice. Just be who you are, and if she doesn’t like that then maybe she’s not for you.

Daisy Yanez

I agree with Joshua. I am surely gonna get my copy of that ebook. I am deeply intrigued by its contents.

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