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1. Communication Secrets of Powerful People

Communication Secrets of Powerful People

Communication Secrets of Powerful People: How to Smash the 12 Communication Barriers of Relationships to Be a Charismatically Persuasive People Magnet is a breakthrough training course to make existing relationships amazing.

When you stop the communication barriers and start the revealed people-magnetic skills, you become more charismatic, likable, and influential with those you know! Learn more about Communication Secrets of Powerful People here.

2. Big Talk

Big Talk Training Course

Big Talk will be a miracle for you if you don’t know how to start a conversation, keep a conversation going, banish your shyness, get people to like you, and make friends.

While all conversation courses I’ve discovered teach small talk, Big Talk is the first training course of its kind that shows you how to confidently and comfortably meet and make friends with perfect strangers. You’ll work through deep stuff about yourself so you finally overcome that feeling of being different and left out. Learn more about Big Talk here.

3. Big Talkers

One month's sample of Big Talkers

Big Talkers is a six-part subscription course only available to Big Talk owners because the conversation techniques and psychological principles are advanced strategies and tactics that build on what’s given in Big Talk.

In Big Talkers you receive a variety of materials like videos, audio interviews with conversational expert authors and speakers, cheat sheets, reports, and handouts each month for the most comprehensive training you can get to master your conversation skills. You can only access the course after ordering Big Talk.

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