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How to Build Confidence: 100+ Self-Confidence Tips

You set yourself up for happiness, success, and tremendous opportunity when you have self-confidence. You become intimately familiar with how you think, speak, and behave around other people, and allow your confidence to inspire confidence in others.

Strong self-confidence to me is the faith I can handle what’s ahead. That faith comes from many sources like my faith in Christ, body language, speech patterns, and ways of thinking you’re about to discover. It is not having the elusive anxiety-free life nor is it knowing I can get what I want. Confidence is the opposite.

The more I see that I am a flawed human being, the more courage I have to know things can go to the crapper and that I’ll come out ahead. I can still be anxious and not get what I want, yet remain a confident person.

Below is a list of scientifically-backed tips to build unstoppable self-confidence. They are organized into helpful categories. Confidence is formed by how we interact with ourselves and others. Little adjustments in your thinking or behavior that seem silly at first glance, add up to make you a confident person. Take a handful (or the whole set) for a spin. Instill a surplus of confidence in your life. Read more

How to Deal with Rejection in Any Situation

Imagine this situation: You just finish a job interview and seemed to have aced the interview. You took two weeks to prepare for the interview, and you made sure you had slick, impressive answers ready for any possible question. Your résumé took hours to get perfect. You are going to get this job. A long week later, the phone rings. Your stomach is in knots. Almost breathless with excitement, you pick up. “We’re sorry,” an unsympathetic voice tells you. “The position is filled.”

How do you feel? Probably crushed. Anger and confusion pulse through you. You wonder what the person who got the job has that you don’t – perhaps they interviewed better than you, they had more experience, or perhaps you did something horribly wrong. You might respond with venom. “I never really wanted that job, anyway.” Or you mind find yourself feeling depressed and de-motivated…if you can’t even get a job you pour your heart into, what hope is there for your future?

Change the scenario to dating or sales and the same pain plays out. Rejection is painful in its many forms. Read more

Surprising Facts About Anxiety Disorders – 7 Ways to Cope (Video and Infographic)

Only anxious people understand what it’s like to feel anxiety. Getting told to “calm down” is annoying. Meeting people is not fun. A delay in someone accepting your Facebook friendship means they don’t like you.

I get it – once having a social anxiety disorder own me years ago. It’s a weird experience. To help I made a videographic of surprising facts about anxiety disorders. You might get stunned by the celebrities who suffer from anxiety, symptoms of anxiety, and ways to deal with the disorder. Read more

4 Experts Give Their Best Tips to Improve Your Social Skills

You have the pleasure of listening in on four experts give answers to a variety of questions I asked. Get tips to improve your social skills, discover simple body language adjustments to be better with people, and be more compassionate with yourself seeing their own struggles and what they learned.

Each of these unique individuals have impacted my life in some way through what they teach. I’m excited for them to reveal their best tips right here. Read more

Free Test to See if You Have a Social Anxiety Disorder

Take this free online test to see if you have a social anxiety disorder. The quiz is based on the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (L-SAS), and my knowledge having experienced the disorder.

I was “undiagnosed” for 7 years. This stopped me getting help and helping myself. I lived believing I was broken, but it turns out you can turn your life around once you know the problem. I hope the test and resources provide guidance to help you.

Here are three notes about the test. Your results are 100% confidential and never stored. The quiz is not intended to replace a one-on-one professional diagnosis. Respond to each question by picking the answer you think is most accurate. Get started with 16 simple questions below! Read more

Just Be Yourself – Why It’s Bad Advice: Being Yourself is the Problem

Follow your heart, be true to yourself, everything will work out, and just be yourself. And oh, ride your unicorn over the rainbow with butterflies and fairies floating through your hair.

The most common tip you hear to be better with women and men is “just be yourself”. Jump in a forum, blog, or conversation where people discuss the secrets of making friends or attracting the opposite sex and you’ll hear the unanimous piece of advice echoed like ancient wisdom. I’ve received many emails and comments on articles like What Women Want in Men saying, “Forget everything. Just be yourself.” I manage to withhold from clicking reply and sending an angry response.

Being yourself is as useless advice as being told to “be confident”. How do you just be confident? You can’t just do it. Unless the word triggers what you need to do like “express your feelings” or “stand up straight”, being yourself is not helpful advice.

It’s time you understood this cliché and what you can do to be the best real you. Read more

The Only “Cure” for Social Anxiety Disorder and Achieving Social Freedom

It’s a paradox that what got you reading this article is maintaining your problem. The word “cure” is what creates your social anxiety disorder. I cringe at saying cure in the title of this article, but it displays a breakthrough point modern therapists have discovered: attempts to remove social anxiety cause it to persist.

You can do a social anxiety test to learn if you have a disorder, but it’s likely you suffer from a social anxiety disorder having tried to treat it for years. Your infatuation with anxiety and curing it go hand-in-hand. What you resist persists making problem-solving ineffective.

Watch the video above for the start of this article and the only social anxiety disorder cure

From a young age we’re tricked to believe in emotional regulation. We believe adults are mature, stable, and happy because of emotional control. “Stop crying and being a baby.” “Don’t be angry.” And of course my dreaded, “Don’t be a scaredy cat.” Emotional regulation has lead to your search here today as you try discover the cure of your social anxiety.

What are the affects of battling your anxiety? What’s the secret to better socialize and start living a meaningful life? Read more

14 Social Skills Resources for an Amazing Social Life

I spend 15 minutes a day reading other people’s blogs and websites mostly for social skills resources. I then recommend these on Twitter and Facebook.

Over the past year I’ve collected some great social skills resources I’d like to share with you now. Some are from friends of mine, myself, and just others who’ve given good insight into a topic.

From improving your social skills, overcoming anxiety, and starting a conversation, all the way to ongoing conversation, being charismatic, and making people laugh, here are some great resources I recommend you read even if they take you a while to get through Read more

Being an Introvert – Understand Your Introvert Personality Type in an Extrovert World

What do you think of when you hear “introvert”? Some people define introverts as loners, anti-social, party poopers, nerds, withdrawn, hermits, shy, unfriendly, and poor with social skills. These definitions are probably similar to your vision of an extreme introvert, but are fallacies.

Inaccuracies make being an introvert more of a pain than it already is to attend parties, network at events, and socialize anywhere. Introverts must understand the truth about their personality type to maximize their career, build a fun social life, do well in dating, and enjoy happy relationships. Read more

What Women Want in Men

There are physical looks, personality traits, and general characteristics most women want in a man. The problem with this historical debate is the discussions focus on what women want in one of short-term relationships, friends, physical traits, marriage, or attraction. The answers in this clear guide reveal once and for all what women want in all these areas.

For men, this means you can cultivate and maintain happy friendships and intimate relationships with women. If you are already in a relationship, this is what your woman wish you already knew. Anytime you can get a woman feeling attraction, whether it be over the phone, in a business deal, or placing an order at a restaurant, you will get more out of the situation – not necessarily at the expense of her.

If you are a woman, the mysteries revealed could mean many things. You will gain a clearer understanding of what drives you as a woman in your relationships, why past relationships have failed, and even how to select a real, authentic man that is Mr Right. Read more