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How to Build Confidence: 100+ Self-Confidence Tips

You set yourself up for happiness, success, and tremendous opportunity when you have self-confidence. You become intimately familiar with how you think, speak, and behave around other people, and allow your confidence to inspire confidence in others.

Strong self-confidence to me is the faith I can handle what’s ahead. That faith comes from many sources like my faith in Christ, body language, speech patterns, and ways of thinking you’re about to discover. It is not having the elusive anxiety-free life nor is it knowing I can get what I want. Confidence is the opposite.

The more I see that I am a flawed human being, the more courage I have to know things can go to the crapper and that I’ll come out ahead. I can still be anxious and not get what I want, yet remain a confident person.

Below is a list of scientifically-backed tips to build unstoppable self-confidence. They are organized into helpful categories. Confidence is formed by how we interact with ourselves and others. Little adjustments in your thinking or behavior that seem silly at first glance, add up to make you a confident person. Take a handful (or the whole set) for a spin. Instill a surplus of confidence in your life. Read more

How to Read Body Language: 4 C’s to Understand the Meaning of Body Language

Want to know what people really think when they talk to you? Their words say yes, but their eyes and body say no. We pick up on these signals instinctively. Ever had a bad feeling about someone that turned out to be justified?

Human ability to understand the meaning of body language has been vital to survival. The earliest cavemen needed to know if others were friends or a threat, and reading their non-verbal cues quickly helped them decide. One Princeton study found it takes 100 milliseconds to form a first impression.

Body language extends beyond threat detection. It is human nature to protect ourselves. This often means masking our true feelings and intentions. Decoding these intentions helps you to recognize when a potential date is interested in you, a work relationship is going badly, or someone tries to take advantage of you. It won’t hurt as a party trick, either. Read more

How to Deal with Rejection in Any Situation

Imagine this situation: You just finish a job interview and seemed to have aced the interview. You took two weeks to prepare for the interview, and you made sure you had slick, impressive answers ready for any possible question. Your résumé took hours to get perfect. You are going to get this job. A long week later, the phone rings. Your stomach is in knots. Almost breathless with excitement, you pick up. “We’re sorry,” an unsympathetic voice tells you. “The position is filled.”

How do you feel? Probably crushed. Anger and confusion pulse through you. You wonder what the person who got the job has that you don’t – perhaps they interviewed better than you, they had more experience, or perhaps you did something horribly wrong. You might respond with venom. “I never really wanted that job, anyway.” Or you mind find yourself feeling depressed and de-motivated…if you can’t even get a job you pour your heart into, what hope is there for your future?

Change the scenario to dating or sales and the same pain plays out. Rejection is painful in its many forms. Read more

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