Warning: You could be killing your relationships without even knowing it…

The 12 Communication Killers That Mutilate Relationships – And What To Do About Them…

Communication Secrets of Powerful People ebook
Bright Idea #1
Bright Idea #1

Ever wished someone would change their stupid behavior? Criticizing people, giving them solutions, and telling them what to do makes them NOT change.

I’ve found that conversational change takes place once YOU change. You must remove the 12 communication barriers that make people resistant to changing. This gives people reason to change so they do change.

The First Section: Judging (Chapters 1-4)

The judging section contains the first four communication barriers: criticizing, labeling, diagnosing, and praising.

Here are a few techniques you are going to discover in this section:

Bright Idea #2
Bright Idea #2

Do you also know people who become easily angered, unhappy, and frequently stressed out, or just generally not in control of their emotional states? You maybe unlike these people, but I want you to notice how they make you feel. You can remain more calm, poised, and generally control yourself without feeling like you’re bottling up your emotions – and people will love you more. When you’re in control of yourself, you’re more in control of people.

The Second Section: Solving (Chapters 5-9)

The five solving barriers are ordering, threatening, questioning, moralizing, and advising.

Here’s a sample of what you get in the second section:

Bright Idea #3
Bright Idea #3

Have you ever noticed that you’re more willing to comply with someone you like over someone you dislike? A charismatic person is naturally able to influence people because of their likability.

Likability is the “blinding drug” that makes people oversee your negatives, focus on your positives, and follow your leadership. Improve your charisma and likability, and people will naturally be more persuaded by you without them even noticing.

The Third Section: Avoiding (Chapters 10-12)

The third section is avoiding, and contains three barriers: reasoning, reassuring, and deflecting.

Here’s what you’ll get in the third section:

I know that’s a lot of information, which will make you change people’s minds and boost your charisma to build rock-solid relationships. As I said, it took me 2 years and approximately 1000 hours to develop so you can be confident you’ll discover and experience the results you want by investing in the program.

Fortunately for you, there’s more in the program than what I shared above. I’m not sure how excited you are about this program, but you’re going to be more so now with this delicious treat…

My Results-Driven, FREE Gift To You: Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook

I didn’t create the program so you can read about how to boost your charisma, increase your persuasion, improve yourself, and improve your relationships. I created it so you would discover the how-to and GET those results. Because of this, I made the “Communication Secrets of Powerful People” ebook practical and created a workbook to get you from learning to being.

Firstly, there a concise summaries of points and skills you need at the end of each chapter. This guarantees you won’t forget what you read about, so you can begin getting the results you want from the program. (Unlike other programs and books where it’s too easy to forget what you read.)

Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook
Your shortcut to achieving rapid results with what you want from communication

Second – and this is where rubber meets the road – is you’re valuable FREE bonus is a catalyst that is “injected” into the program to speed up your results.

Because this is a program that requires you to work on yourself, this is no magical formula akin to swallowing a weight loss pill to lose fat. You will get results only if you follow the communication skills program.

The workbook is split into three sections: 1) the psychology behind the workbook and how you will get the most out of the program with the bonus mind-tricks and techniques, 2) 41 easy-to-follow exercises, and 3) the 30 day communication secrets journal where you will write down your daily experience with any of the 12 communication barriers.

Briefly, in these sections you’ll discover:

While most communication skills program only teach you what to do and leave it at that, the Communication Secrets of Powerful People Program, thanks to the workbook, will show you EXACTLY what to do. Instead of learning a bunch of skills you rarely use, you will complete the program and already happily be using the skills, tips, and advice.

All This In The Program Will…

Imagine the surge of confidence you’d always have if you had just one of these abilities. You’d get what you want with people and give them what they want, YOU! This isn’t selfish because people will love you for your charisma, how you understand them, and thank you for helping them get what they emotionally want.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but you know the power of effective communication in your life. Just one little tip you know, like avoiding destructive criticism – which you may have already experienced – wins you friends, improves your relationships, gets people on your side of thinking more easily, and much more. Just imagine what hundreds of these tips and skills I share in my program can do for your life.

Now you know the power packed into the complete communication skills program to amplify your charisma, boost your persuasion skills, and enhance the quality of your relationships, one question remains:

The Critical Question:
Is This Program The One For You?

This program may or may not be for you depending on how you meet the criteria below. Either way, it’s okay. I understand the program is not for everyone.

I believe everyone will get a lot out of the program – because everyone communicates, has relationships, and can improve themselves to be a charismatically persuasive individual. Because of this, you can see if the program is for you by seeing if it’s NOT for you.

Who The Program Is Not For:

1. Beginners in personal development or communication skills. Most communication skills and personal development experts teach the same old, beginner material. If you don’t already know basic communication skills, like simple listening skills or how to ask a decent question, the program may be too advanced for you.

The program is filled with never-before-seen techniques and advice on communication, charisma, persuasion, psychology, relationships, and lasting transformation. This is a new program that contains all my recent discoveries from reading, listening, and watching, and talking with world-leading experts in communication and personal development. Though the language used in the program is simple and easy to implement, to get the most out of the program it helps to already know a little about communication and personal development.

2. Someone who is satisfied with his or her life and communication. If you’re one of the rare individuals satisfied with your ability to easily make friends, create quality relationships, remain calm in difficult situations, and influence coworkers and business associates when you want, this program is not for you. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, there’s
no point changing what’s working.

If you’re reading this, that shows yourself there is something in your life you’re not satisfied with and you’re searching for a solution.

3. Someone who doesn’t have an open mind. I prefer not to do business with you if you’re such a person. If you’re resistant to learning new techniques and prefer to stick with what you’ve got, please go elsewhere because everything I teach is about crafting you into a better person with PERMANENT change.

Overall: if you don’t already have basic knowledge of some communication skills… if you are satisfied with your life and communication… or if you don’t have an open mind… don’t invest in the program because it’s probably not the one for you.

If you aren’t in the three above categories, like most people who would be reading this, the program is for you.

Once you feel the program will help you, I don’t want you to buy it yet. Before I reveal price of the program, I want to make you feel comfortable by seeing the guarantee you get upon investing in the program. I shoulder ALL the risk…

Your 365-Day Money-Back,
$194 Out Of My Own Pocket,
Diamond-Clad Guarantee
Ironclad Guarantee

You read that right. When you invest in the program, firstly, I give you 1 full year to try the program. If you didn’t unlock or get the results you wanted, I’ll send your money back to you.

People who’ve done the program have reported they completed it within 7 days because they were excited about the results they immediately achieved. Nonetheless, 365 days gives you plenty of time to procrastinate and finish the program.

Of course, I feel sure that you will not want to return the program, because you get free updates, an unmentioned bonus gift, and most importantly a quality program. I’m so sure about this that if you’re not satisfied with the program, I’ve “coated” the guarantee with diamonds by giving you US$194 out of my very own pocket, on top of the money-back guarantee, as an apology for wasting your time! (I made the diamond-clad guarantee of $194 by doubling the program’s price. It’s 200% more money for you if you’re not satisfied with the program.)

This leads me to say the entire program is priced at US$97. I’m disappointed I never was able to buy this knowledge for $97. I went through so much pain and learning to bring this system into my life and to others so they can easily have the communication secrets of powerful people.

For the program’s price…

The entire Communication Secrets of Powerful People Program valued at $209.97

You get everything:

1) The main ebook, Communication Secrets of Powerful People: How to Smash the 12 Communication Barriers of Relationships to Be a Charismatically Persuasive People Magnet

2) The ebook, Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook: 30 Days to Success, to put rubber on the road so you get FAST results

3) A mystery bonus as a thank you for investing in the program (As a hint, it involves customer-only access to something special and ongoing for a LIFETIME)

4) The diamond-clad guarantee, which includes the 365-day money-back guarantee and $194 out of my out pocket as an apology if you are not satisfied

These extra bonuses total $162.97 but you get them FREE just for trying my ebook.

You get all this with the guarantee because I want you to feel safe. The guarantee will reduce any worries you may have about the program.

The money-back guarantee can be claimed with no hassles at anytime during the 365 days, but to take the $194 out of my own pocket you need to e-mail me the simple worksheets you have filled in (which I hope you’ll be doing anyway as part of the program). I’ll then confirm you’ve filled it out to satisfactory standards and help you where necessary before sending you the money. That’s it because I’m confident you will not want a refund once you experience the program’s impact on your personality and people skills.

Another reason I’m offering all this to you is I’m after your testimonial for the program. The $97 investment is a subsidised price for people who act now by getting their copy of the program.

I cannot make this program more of a “no-brainer” investment than I already have. I shoulder ALL the risk. I truly want to make you a charismatic and persuasive people magnet.

From the feedback I’ve been getting, the program works in any culture. It works because the program is based on proven human psychology – regardless of where or who you are.

How Much Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself?

So let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get the success you want with people and yourself?

How much is it worth to you to improve your communication skills? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? Much more? Most people I know say it’s priceless.

Having tension from poor communication with coworkers causes mistakes, inefficiency, and absenteeism. In your family, it could cause divorce, emotional distance, and fights.

You saw the cost of poor communication for yourself earlier on. You already feel the value of the solution to these problems of yours.

I can’t put a definite value of the information in this book, but I can tell you the program’s price is nothing compared to the 1,000 hours it took me to create over 2 years – along with the emotional pain, fights with loved ones, and frustration from misunderstandings. I don’t want you to go through the same experience to get the communication solutions you’re after when I’ve already found them. You wouldn’t mine for metals and cut down trees all yourself to build a house when experts have done it for you.

You will deal with people for the rest of your life. You will deal with yourself every moment of your life. Make both of these pleasurable. It’s your choice whether your conversations with people go the way YOU want.

When you consider all this, you can see your invest in the program gives you abundant returns that make it a wise decision.

Here’s What To Do Next:


“Okay, you’ve convinced me. I understand the program’s power. I see it’s possibly the most important investment I’ll ever make to enhance my communication skills. Because I will deal with people for the rest of my life, I’m ready to get the results I want with people thanks to your program.”

Here’s how it works…

You can secure this program right now and be reading it in less than 5 minutes even if the time is 3 am in the morning.

To begin your order, firstly tick the boxes below:

“I understand the complete program has no hiddens fees, just a one-time payment of US$97, which is the lowest price that has ever been offered. I know I spend more on clothing in a year to make people like me and feel good about myself than the persuasive and charismatic people-magnet-guaranteed-results I will get in this program.”

“I understand the bonus Communication Secrets of Powerful People Workbook: 30 Days to Success will be rushed to me in the package and that I can keep the bonus EVEN if I get a refund!”

“I understand the program is backed by the 365-day money-back guarantee and diamond-clad guarantee where you, Josh, will send me US$194 out of your very own pocket if I don’t get the communication secrets of becoming a persuasive and charismatic people magnet!”

“I understand the entire program is IMMEDIATELY delivered to me electronically over the Internet once I place my order. I am investing in a digital program that uses the popular PDF (Portable Document Format) (which is free popular software I likely already have, but if I don’t already have it I can EASILY download it in a clear manner immediately after my purchase on the program’s download page).”

Your transaction is secure using PayPal, which has world-leading SSL encryption technology for your privacy and security. After ordering, you’ll receive your special link and be able to INSTANTLY download the entire program! The whole process takes a few minutes and you’ll be reading the program within 5 minutes.

After reading and selecting the boxes above, click the link directly below:

Click Here To Order Now

PayPal, credit, and debit orders Worldwide are securely accepted any time of the day.


I have my name on the line because I want to be the world’s #1 communication skills teacher so you can be certain I do, and will continue to do, everything possible to ensure your happiness and success with my program. I give you the 365-day money-back guarantee along with an additional $194 out of my very own pocket.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on the communication secrets of powerful people.

To your powerful success with people, from your friend,

Joshua Uebergang aka 'Tower of Power'

Joshua Uebergang aka “Tower of Power”

P. S. Because I want your testimonial for this newly updated program, order your copy of the Communication Secrets of Powerful People Program today at its introductory price. Don’t risk losing your subsidy. Go get your copy because I’m holding any risk you might have. If my program hasn’t taught you what you wanted to discover, simply use my 365-day money-back guarantee and receive an additional $194 out of my very own pocket as an apology for wasting your time.

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