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Do You Suffer from Loneliness and Being Tongue-Tied?

It sucks to have that nervous gut-feeling at social gatherings as you keep to yourself. In fact, the same goes for not knowing what to say anyone at the supermarket, bar, or coffee shop.

This is where I come in.

I was the quiet geek without one single good friend for many years. Now I’m a world-renowned authority on how to build friends and influence people who will transform you into a confident people-magnet.

You probably don’t have the time, connections to psychologists and authors, and energy to take the same path I took to transform myself. Consuming books, seminars, and DVDs while being embarrassed in front of strangers is not fun while you suffer from loneliness and anxiety. Fortunately, there’s two options you have to be coached by me. Both coaching options are available in your country:

Option 1: Bootcamp

The coaching you’ll get from me is a face-to-face, one-on-one bootcamp to make you confidently socialize, effortlessly fit into groups, and build great friends and business connections. I’ll fly to your home or location of choice and transform your entire lifestyle so you connect and have fun with everyone you meet!

The day begins at your house with an open breakdown of your goals for the bootcamp. You “kidnap me” from morning to night as you extract the tips, techniques, and psychological maps to learn what you want. You’ll receive an entire bootcamp customized with what you want to achieve.

After the learning segment of the bootcamp and some demonstrations and practice of conversation skills, we up the intensity! We’ll probably go out to public places, have fun, and practice what you’ve learned. This makes Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays popular days for coaching.

I know it can be petrifying when you’re shy, but you’ll have me by your side the entire time! You’ll feel safe and comfortable with me. I guide you by the hand to guarantee you get the confident conversation skills you want. Unlike a lot of life coaches, trainers, and self-help experts, I get my hands dirty with you. We’ll socialize, make friends, and have fun together.

That’s an overview of what happens in a bootcamp.

If someone could lift you out of a hole you’ve been stuck in for years, you wouldn’t ignore the one-time opportunity. After a bootcamp I guarantee you’ll be able to create friends when you want wherever you go. Your whole life perspective will transform.

Option 2: Online Coaching

The only other way to be coached by me besides a bootcamp is online coaching. This is the cheaper option as there are no travel and accommodation expenses.

While you don’t get the full benefits of face-to-face coaching like immediate feedback and support, this option will suit you if you want a cheaper option or to prepare yourself for a bootcamp. All online coaching is done via a private members forum where you get to talk with me about anything you want. The conversation remains between you and me.

Because my coaching is available to all visitors from 120 countries – and the more past clients refer their friends, family, and business associates to me – the less time I have to take on new clients. I can only talk to a limited number of people. I encourage you to enroll now.

To pay for coaching, visit here then contact me and I’ll email you a form to complete so we can prepare.

Tower of Power Assessment

Your initial Tower of Power Assessment valued at $93 is free and handled directly by me. The assessment:

  1. Helps me prepare the skills and structures you need and want before coaching. I customize everything to fit your life, your problems, your desired outcomes. You get the laser-like focus, attention, and expertise you deserve.
  2. Saves us time. Though we’ll talk about your problems and questions on the spot, if you’re like me, you want fast results. This application form filters through a lot of issues so we can zoom in on the outcomes you want to create.

Simply take 5-10 minutes now to fill the Tower of Power Assessment to receive your easy, confidential quote so I can learn about your situation. I’ll reply with a no-obligation estimate via email within 24 hours.

Before you proceed, the minimum fee for online coaching is $297 for one week. The minimum fee for a bootcamp is $US2,997. If you cannot afford this, unwilling to pay it, or expect a lower quote, don’t apply for a position. The fee covers your unique attention; preparation; evaluation; travel from my place near Brisbane, Australia, to your location; and most importantly my expertise. Depending on the coaching option you want, you get to talk with me face-to-face from morning to night or contact me online when you want.

I suggest you first write your answers in a document such as Microsoft Word to back up your work (because computers and connections can go down) then copy your answers into the assessment form. Any information you provide is kept private with me.

Start your journey of social transformation by beginning your free Tower of Power Assessment below:


Note: Once you submit your form, scroll to the top of the assessment form for a confirmation message.