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Review of Magic Bullets by Savoy

This is a book review of Savoy’s Magic Bullets, which you can read more about here. It is a popular book for single guys revealing the science of picking up attractive women wherever you go.

Savoy is not the author’s real name, but a pen name, like what most guys (especially the teachers) have in the seduction community to protect their identity. Savoy is CEO of Love Systems, a corporation of dating instructors who teach guys how to meet, attract, and keep women. Magic Bullets ebook is the main product they offer as it provides the framework and concepts they teach in their bootcamps around the world.

If you’ve read the New York Times best seller The Game, you know a little about this new field where guys learn how to be more successful with women and dating from the book’s main character, Mystery. Mystery Method was that original corporation where Mystery – arguably the world’s greatest pick-up artist – owned the company. Since then, Mystery has left the company, which was later renamed to Love Systems.

In my review of The Game by Neil Strauss, I wrote a little about how the book provides several tips, and many insights, into the pick-up process. This is integrated in with an entertaining narration style of writing, which is why I’m assuming it was a New York Times best seller – that and the fact it revealed the intriguing pick-up community to the general public. The techniques and concepts in Magic Bullets describe the foundations used by the world’s best pick-up artists in The Game. Parts of the Love System’s seduction model has evolved over the years into a more reliable description of the seduction process.

Love Systems
Love Systems is the company that created the breakthrough Magic Bullets teaching men how to get gorgeous women.

The greatest part about this new model taught in Magic Bullets is the second phase (transition) because this determines if the relationship moves forward or ends quicker than it started. Any guy who can open (the first phase) knows that opening is easy once he can overcome approach anxiety. The barrier in the past for guys has been figuring out what happens after you open. It’s easy to use a canned opener like asking for an opinion, but what do you do to transition and move forward in the relationship? What do you say that doesn’t seem like a big “jump” from your opener to your conversation topic? The transition phase in the book’s model is the answer to this problem.

The model in the book which forms the basis of Love Systems is:

  1. Opening
  2. Transitioning
  3. Attraction
  4. Qualification
  5. Comfort
  6. Seduction
  7. Relationships

If you have experience in the seduction community, you know the whole seduction process is a structured framework (your understanding of it may be a little different to the one above). The model provides a step-by-step guide of the entire process. Every intimate relationship goes through the model – almost always unconsciously unless you consciously understand the steps. The steps tell you exactly what you must do and when to catalyze the seduction process while having it under your control. All this ultimately means you can quickly build relationships with women you find attractive.

The steps tell you exactly what you must do and when to catalyze the seduction process while having it under your control.

If you grab your copy of Magic Bullets, you learn more about each step within the seven phases and no longer be clueless when you have an unsuccessful pick-up. You will continually improve yourself and your skills so you are better in your next approach. If you take this seriously, you can ultimately become like many experienced students of Love Systems who can have almost any woman they want. The instructors from Love Systems have learned and experienced seduction for years so you are sure to learn a lot from their expertise.

The book is nicely divided into four parts: introduction, emotional progression model, context, and skills. Here is more detail of the book’s table of contents:

I. Preface
II. Introduction
III. Acknowledgments
IV. For VAH/The Mystery Method Readers

Part I: Foundations
1. How to Use This Book
2. A Simple System You Can Use Tonight
3. Female Psychology

Part II: Emotional Progression Model
4. Overview of the Model
5. Opening
6. Transitioning
7. Attraction
8. Qualification
9. Comfort
10. Seduction
11. Relationships

Part III: Context
12. Social Circle
13. Day Game
14. Strip Clubs

Part IV: Skills
15. Physical Progression
16. Dates
17. Storytelling
18. Non-verbal Communication
19. Kissing
20. Fashion & Grooming
21. Winging
22. Phone Game

I’m pretty sure Savoy said the book was originally 500 pages. What a whopper that would have been. Fortunately, it was condensed down to approximately 200 pages with the magical use of many to-the-point bullets. (That’s not the reason for the book’s name, but there’s an interesting fact.) The chunk of bullets means there is much jam-packed information. It is called Magic Bullets because, ironically, there is no magic bullet – an ultimate guaranteed solution – to successfully attract and hold onto a woman. The book is the closest thing to a “magic bullet”.

If you want a book that teaches you how to approach, attract, pick-up, and date more women in your life, Magic Bullets is your solution. It is a leader in the seduction community for one reason: it works. Thousands of guys have transformed themselves from being frozen stone-cold when approaching a woman to being “the man” in a nightclub and social situations in the day.

I highly recommend you grab your copy right now. It isn’t free, but the investment is worth it if you want to feel good around women. It is an ebook you can download and be reading within five minutes by clicking here today.

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I really enjoyed your review of Savoy’s book. What a good job and I hope that you will keep it up.


That’s a good review and I liked the book too.