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How to Win an Argument Everytime

Sick of being manipulated by an untrustworthy partner, a child who disobeys your every request, and a coworker who undermines your success? You need to learn how to win an argument everytime. Most people plain out suck so prepare your verbal weapons soldier.

I’m going to teach you how to win an argument everytime. You’ll win an argument so easily that you feel like an ancient Greek philosopher combined with a moody modern teenager. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you with this street-wise 15-tip guide to shield yourself from verbal brutality: Read more

Change Your Words to Change People: Persuasive Power Words

Josh: What type of person do you think of when you hear “persuasion expert”? I think of a slick, six-foot American in a suit wearing a Rolex watch.

Michael Lee is the guest author of this post and a persuasion expert fitting no stereotypes. He is Asian, small, and prefers casual dress. He use to give out money at school knowing he would not get it back, be afraid of people, be single, and get turned down from jobs because he was a wuss in interviews. You can learn a lot from him on how to become a stronger, persuasive person.

Some people go about life, blissfully unaware of the subtle influences other people put on them. The art of persuasion is used everywhere. While some people use persuasion techniques to sell you a product, others try to get a date or try to get you to join their religion.

Having an awareness of the many persuasion techniques around you can prove to be one of your biggest assets. It can help you deal with strangers, your personal life, and your work life. Learning the art of persuasion can be the difference between meeting your life goals and falling short.

Common persuasion techniques include creating needs in others, which can be basic or social needs. Another technique includes the use of certain powerfully persuasive words. Both will be discussed in this article. Read more

Review of Influence by Robert Cialdini

This is a book review of Robert B. Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, a classic book on subtly getting people to do what you want.

Robert Cialdini is currently Regent’s Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. His book Influence is a fantastic classic on persuasion as he transforms what most people took as hidden and unknown variables in decision-making into clear principles that you can use to influence people. Read more

Why Problem Solving Doesn’t Solve the Problem and the Real Solution to Permanent Change

Have a problem in life you cannot fix? The damn thing sticks around. You try hard to solve it, but make little progress.

Let’s say the problem is being overweight. You have 20 pounds you want to drop. The extra weight makes you feel bad and not look your best. This motivates you to lose weight. You build the willpower and determination to drop a few pounds to feel good again and improve your looks.

Through determination to solve your weight problem, two weeks later you jump on the scales to discover you are nine pounds lighter. You are ecstatic! The mental tension about your weight eases. You feel more comfortable with your body. Your willpower drained a lot from you so you return to old habits. Read more