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Review of Catch Him and Keep Him by Christian Carter

This is my Catch Him And Keep Him review. It is a successful guide by Christian Carter helping women around the world go from loneliness or frustration to a quality relationship with a good man.

Christian Carter begins Catch Him and Keep Him with two apparently simple questions: what is a man and how does a man differ from you as a woman? If you think about them, the answer to these questions contains the secrets to attract a man and make him committed.

Like most women reading this, you want a real man; not a childish boy. Carter says a woman can attract the wrong man for many reasons, but a major reason is she doesn’t understand the principles of attraction. Books on love and relationships can fill libraries, yet Catch Him and Keep Him covers those subjects and more by also helping women in the initial stages of a relationship when man and woman are strangers to each other. This is where I believe the book is most powerful – that and learning what it takes to keep a man interested.

What he calls “selfish love”, Carter says women fall into a form of vanity believing a man wants the same as she. He teaches women of all ages both single and in a relationship to give a man what he wants by seeking to understand than be understood through three simple steps:

  1. Grounding stage
  2. Understanding stage
  3. Feeling stage

You are taken step-by-step from any emotional immaturity then transformed into a woman who has her psychology and emotional life together. This is to naturally attract men.

You are taken step-by-step from any emotional immaturity then transformed into a woman who has her psychology and emotional life together to naturally attract men.

After this, you discover advice on how to qualify men. You learn to be the selectee instead of the selected. Carter shows you how to regain the power in a relationship, feel in control, and avoid dangerous relationships. No unattractiveness forms from this, however. Men who see a woman exude these in-control qualities view her as someone to spend time with in the future. You’re shown how to spot a player, how men want more than physical qualities, and what you must do to be seen as “relationship material”.

Rarely will you know Mr Right is seated on the other side of the room. A spiritual force is unlikely to make you feel he is the one. Such perceptual awareness requires intense judgment, leaving you vulnerable to misinterpretation and mistaking a feeling of chemistry for a great guy.

Put judgments and blame aside. Start fresh and grow. Carter makes the most important point of self-improvement to get the relationship you want and become the woman men desire. A lot of what he shares helps women develop their emotional and logical lives. To me, growth and personal development to become more than you were yesterday, instead of blame and victimization, is extremely attractive.

Coming to the seventh chapter of the ebook’s nine chapters, I think this will most interest you! Here’s a sample of what’s in the chapter:

  • Thirteen personality traits that attract men
  • How to naturally attract men
  • The curse of physically attractive women
  • Six behaviors to avoid like the plague or men will avoid you
  • Body language tips and nonverbal habits that repel men
  • How to trigger a deeper level of attraction in men to make a guy stick around
  • Art of being unique and unpredictable (two seductive qualities that attract men)
  • …and more

The ebook is designed to help you attract men even if you’re not beautiful. Men want women in the long-term who give them pleasurable feelings associated with non-physical attraction. Catch Him and Keep Him teaches the logical and emotional methods of attraction vital for happy, ongoing relationships any woman can learn. These methods to attract men are key for all stages of a happy relationship.

Watch this video as Christian Carter reveals a few simple techniques you can use even if men don’t talk to you:

A lesson Carter teaches in Catch Him and Keep Him that is more applicable to keeping Mr Right that I liked is to avoid criticism, having “the talk”, and divulging how you feel about a man. Such logical arguments create resistance in men to repel them fast! You cannot convince men to love and attend to you. Attraction, love, and commitment occur at a level deeper than conversation. It’s an internal decision men make in response to their feelings – even if they cannot describe it that way.

Attraction, love, and commitment occur at a level deeper than conversation.

One major problem that needs emphasis in this review is that women sooner than later cannot get a man to open up according to Carter. Due to society, men fail to articulate the state of the relationship and how they feel with statements like “Umm… I’m not sure”. It becomes unmanly to express emotions. Women can learn from Catch Him and Keep Him to express their beliefs and feelings in an open, rare pressure-free way that connects to a man who reciprocates her open intimacy. Yes, we’re not rocks. I’ve seen that it is possible!

Catch Him And Keep Him is a must for any woman who is single or frustrated with her current relationship. It’s written in easy-to-understand language you can use in your life. It’s the number one book I recommend to a woman who wants to attract and keep a quality man.

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