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How to Win an Argument Everytime

Sick of being manipulated by an untrustworthy partner, a child who disobeys your every request, and a coworker who undermines your success? You need to learn how to win an argument everytime. Most people plain out suck so prepare your verbal weapons soldier.

I’m going to teach you how to win an argument everytime. You’ll win an argument so easily that you feel like an ancient Greek philosopher combined with a moody modern teenager. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you with this street-wise 15-tip guide to shield yourself from verbal brutality:

1. Use mental rehearsal. Psychologists for years have known the power of rehearsing an event in one’s mind before the real thing takes place. By visualizing a conversation before it occurs, you become strong, stubborn, and unmoving to the faults of another person’s illogical logic.

If you suspect your spouse will accuse you of thinking about yourself, shout back a time your partner was selfish. If you know your laziness will be sniped, think of a time you were busy and overworked. Visualize exactly how you’ll start the conversation then counter-attack their moves to corner the person and guarantee yourself victory.

2. The best defense is the best offense. Keep this in mind at all times. When you’re cornered, vulnerable, and prone to damage, enter rampage mode. The mindset here is to steal the ball from the person’s hands and go hard, doing as much damage as you can to make your initial actions look good.

Did your partner spot you sneaking a peak at that young waiter? Tell your woman you wouldn’t oogle at hot women if she wasn’t so boring. The guilt you’ve established in her will make you the victor.

Did your friend accuse you of stealing his beer? Tell him he shouldn’t be a jerk all the time.

Did your boss catch you snooping around on his laptop? You better put your boss in a defensive position before he can fire you. Tell him to let you go free otherwise you’ll report him for the stash of drugs you placed found in his drawer.

3. Dodge like a butterfly… then sting like a bee. You cannot win an argument everytime through brute force. Be defensive when vulnerable. Get ready to dodge.

Change topics if you feel you’re losing the fight. Default phrases to help you slide in another topic for discussion include, “That reminds me… “Speaking of…” “Funny you should say that because…” Laughter is another good tool that releases your tension and shows you don’t care even though you’re collapsing inside.

Politicians are your idols at dodging bullets. Model your favorite evasive politician by slipping in random comments that shift the conversational subject to something you desire to speak more of.

4. Build allies. Not all relationships are bad. Relationships are useful when ally parties join to fight for your cause. Establish an ally of coworkers to single out the problematic coworker. Reinforce your point to a stranger by teaming with friends. Martial arguments can be easily won when the children are on your side. With people comes protection and strength.

The importance of allies
Relationships are useful when ally parties join to fight for your cause.

5. Generalize, distort, and delete what you hear. Good listening is poison to good relationships. Should you accurately hear what someone says, you might discover the truth and start connecting with the person. Yuck.

It’s best you minimize good listening by manipulating information intake with three tactics:

  1. Generalize. Turn one statement into an overarching belief with exaggerations that disorient your victim. They ask, “Can you do the dishes?” You say: “You always make me do the dishes”, “You never do the dishes”, or “All-the-time you control me”.
  2. Distort. Alter what they say so they’re the villain and you’re the victim. They say, “I need you to be home on the weekend.” You say: “You don’t want me to have fun”, “You’re trying hard to make me avoid friends”, or “Man, you hate me”.
  3. Delete. Simply skip important information. Ignorance is key here. “To succeed in life,” said Mark Twain, “you need two things: confidence and ignorance.”

6. Be extraneously attentive. Just because you should generalize, distort, and delete information when listening, doesn’t mean you fully ignore someone. Adhere to what teacher of conscious living Richard Moss said: “The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” Give people your well-developed attention if you want to win a fight. Your motto here is to “Know more about the enemy than he knows about himself”.

One way to do this is to pick on intricate details that display the person’s imperfection. If you know a girl is insecure about her front teeth, tell her she’s an ugly Bugs Bunny. If a guy mispronounces a word, point it out. If your spouse stumbles over the carpet during an argument, call your uncoordinated other “clumsy”. Be attentive to drill out flaws.

7. Always be right. You’re a perfect human being. Everyone else is a jerk. The moment others learn this, your life will be easy. Until then, you must criticize and complain about other people’s (incorrect) opinions.

…your job is to contend why one plus one equals a window.

Ignore the principle of consistency. You’re not weighed down by past decisions because you’re a clear, rational human being. If other people fail to see how you’re right, it’s because they’re dumb.

If you explain what one plus one equals – and you get it wrong – your job is to contend why one plus one equals a window or how it equals three because of synergistic principles.

8. Never fix a problem you made. I know you haven’t forgotten this: you’re always right. Whatever you do is destiny. Anyone that makes you think otherwise must be verbally stoned. Since there’s no modern day option of a public stoning, publicly humiliate them by drawing attention to their faults.

If a family member mentions a stain on your shirt, shift focus quick. Say his room at home is filthy enough to breed a new life form. Did your friend accuse you of stealing his girlfriend? It was hardly his girlfriend if she cheated on him. Don’t apologize or amend a mistake because that concedes defeat and makes you look weak. Apologizing has no benefits. It’s in your best interest to leave forgiveness to religious followers.

9. Be your own person never dependent on others. Weak people depend on others, but not you. You’re strong and independent. When you know people are untrustworthy and it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, the only person you can trust is yourself.

If you want something to get done, it’s up to you. Getting other people to do things is slow anyway. Successful, happy individuals like Bill Gates do everything themselves to ensure things get done the right way.

10. Block emotion. You’re an unemotional being because emotions have thwarted your survival in the past. Darwin would be proud of your unique evolution.

Crazed females, asylum attendees, and the weak are the ones controlled by emotion. Smart people are the best communicators because they communicate with logic. If another person gets emotional, it’s best you feign ignorance at their attempt to derail you from supremacy. The only time you want to be emotional is when you repeat words at a louder volume.

I smiled once, it was awful

11. Use superior vocabulary. No one can win an argument against you when you pick apart their delusional misconstructions of rationale at present. Slotting large words within your vocabulary gives you the added benefit of talking longer, making you more likely to convince another person against his will. Prolong speech is an effective method to win an argument everytime.

12. Be respectful only when you’re respected. When you’re verbally punched, break the rules of good relationships. Throw in a low jab then bite the persons ear because their actions justify your retaliation. Only treat people well when they treat you well. Relationships are an Enron investment to be avoided. Minimize your costs in relationships when possible.

Use degrading terms, but give them a righteous foundation with clear logic.

13. Advanced name-calling. Children call others names like “Stupid-head” and “Big ears”. Not you though. You’re mature. Use degrading terms, but give them a righteous foundation with clear logic.

Your brother has not put the garbage bins out for one month. What a perfect source of credible information. Next time he fails to do something, win the argument by saying, “Your ass is fatter than the garbage pile if you had to take it out.” Think through an insult to leave your opponent prone to follow-up attacks.

14. Start a meta argument. You may run dry on ammunition leaving you with little to attack someone. In these desperate times, shift the argument to a meta state by arguing about how they’re arguing.

If they’re slow to respond to a point, use a Major Payne line, “Ta, ta, ta, today junior!” If they don’t change their mind, call them “thick”. If they misunderstand you, tell them their “ignorance is laughable”. With this infinite supply of ammo, you guarantee to shoot down your enemy.

15. Walk away. If all the mentioned techniques fail to win you the argument, give up in disgust and walk away. The person is stubborn, not you.

This article was a fun jab at our bad habits amidst conflict. If you read just one tip nodding your head in agreement, thinking you discovered how to win an argument everytime, and planning your next conquest, your people skills are in need of serious surgery. Please for your own sake, get my Communication Secrets of Powerful People program.

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thank you very much. it is very interesting and helpfull.


😎 Amusing use of irony for change. Great work there, Joshua!


Joshua, I tried to read this quickly before running out the door and my reaction was “Huh! This doesn’t sound like him.” Upon rereading it’s now “Duh!” and a slap upside my head. This piece was very clever. I had a dream last week where I had a conversation with you (a stranger) in a bar, which reminded me upon awaking that I hadn’t received an email from you in awhile. What a welcome surprise to see your message today.


This article disgusted me until I got to the very end. I was utterly shocked that someone like you would write that. I was about to give you a piece of my mind and it wasn’t going to be pretty either. The only reason I read it all, and I’m glad I did, is because it reminded me heavily of a close friend of mine. Especially with the Generalize and Distort issue.


Joshua, I admire the work you have done in this site and the amount of knowledge you are offering us here. thank you very much for your efforts. however I think you should reconsider your approach for arguments. in favor of Robert Greene (author of “The 48 Laws of Power”):

• Arguing will only offend your superior.
• Learn to demonstrate the correctness of your ideas indirectly.
• Choose your battles carefully.

• Never criticize those above you directly.
• Never joke about appearances or taste.
• Do not be the court cynic.

Man, it is not about how to win an argument. not all the arguments will improve your reputation. you have got to choose your battles carefully.

Learn how to influence people in your way of thinking and you will win powerful allies. Become yourself an stubborn contender and you will find clear obstacles in your path to your personal success.

Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking


Great read! I found my self laughing. I have encountered all of those tatics I think we all have. I have found myself almost never in an arguement because we never win one.

Thanks a bunch!!!!

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Glad someone found it funny 🙂 Quite a few people have emailed me calling me a jerk. :mrgreen:

If only they took note of the point “Generalize. Distort. Delete.” 🙄

While we find ourselves dealing with people who often make these mistakes, let’s not forget to look at how irrationally we behave at times.


I am shocked that 😯 people are clearly this self-righteous and unwise, ur actually telling people to disregard other people’s opinions in order to win arguments, and even building allies with ones’ children against the spouse!! this is a very shallow advice, I got upto (9)above and couldn’t even go on..I am very sorry, that you are the one who needs to change your thinking, n be outward focused, n not selfish.
People. this advice is evil.


Wait, don’t people get this is supposed to be irony? 😯

Not that many, including I, would get it all the time.


My gosh. I just found this site for the first time less than half an hour ago, then subscribed to the newsletter. This was the VERY FIRST article I read. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and had planned to unsubscribe as soon as I was done reading. Then I finally came across “If you hadn’t figured it out already, this article was a fun jab at our bad habits amidst conflict.” Thank goodness. I was wondering what type of person would write something like this (when I thought it was a serious article).


Joshua, I’m glad I read through to the end because I just recently found your website …I googled you up and everything, and had just about decided you’re legit and your material is worth looking into for the life I am experiencing. Before I got to the end, I was shaking my head and thinking “glad I found out he is a kook before I went any further.” I’m relieved to find you were just poking fun, but …is whatever I was supposed to get from that worth possibly alienating people who might not read to the end?? I almost didn’t. I think you are a risk taker for sure, but I don’t know what else to think. 😕


I have decided that I definitely want to buy one of these programs but I’m not sure which one I need. Does “Communication Secrets of Powerful People” and “Big Talk” overlap? Which one encompasses the other, or are they completely separate programs? I want the one that is most comprehensive of the other. Which is most recent?

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Hey Passerby,

I just got back from Christmas with my family in South Australia so that’s why I’m replying later than ususal.

Okay, here’s why I wrote the article: 1) it was fun for me, 2) it’s funny and different for some readers who read boring article after article on other sites, 3) it still teaches good communication skills, and 4) it weeds out haters.

My two programs do not overlap. Communication Secrets of Powerful People helps you build strong existing relationships. Big Talk helps you create new relationships by teaching you how to overcome shyness, socialize, talk, and make friends.

If you have any other questions and are uncertain if a course is for you, I recommend you by the course you like most. If it turns out to not be what you expected, I’ll give you a full refund and still call you a friend 🙂


i looooooove it. its hilarious but really helps.


wow i must be a bad person, cos i didn’t see the irony in the above at all! 😆 😳 😈 :mrgreen: wish i could afford the remedy


Ha ha ha! Isn’t that “15 Ways to Lose Friends and Influence People to Hate You” 😀


The worst part is that for the first three items I was thinking, “Oh, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.” Ha ha ha!!


I guess the people who were disgruntled are the ones who did not finish reading the whole article. They never got to the last paragraph.


I got to this article after reading one on how to deal with controlling people. I was shocked when I thought the author was recommending techniques that are degrading and abusive as a way to win an argument – especially since it seemed that my spouse has used most of them as a way to maintain control and get her way in our relationship. Although I was suspicious the whole time it was a relief to read the last paragraph.


This is very nice article. I like it


I found that this is exactly the way that all the successful people I know behave. It seems to me that everything you wrote is perfect for winning arguments. I have never behaved like that and I been shot down by people who have behaved like that all my life. Still I am never going to be that way.


I was about to write you a very lengthy response,, just to make you reconsider your values.. but I got it in the final lines… thank you man


Disturbing and not funny at all. I understand what you were trying to do here and you call it a “fun jab” but I didn’t think there was much to find humorous and it left me with no desire to read more.


Hahahahaha. I was like WTF? This is great. Lol

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