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Young men face battles our Grandfathers have never seen.

We compare ourselves to more people than ever. Jump on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of people that perform a skill better than you. We see people on Facebook who live in ways we dream of.

We are prone to more anxiety. One bad thing happens on the other side of the World and you will hear about it the following morning.

Values feel hard. Most of us have compartmentalized groups of friends with different values. We spend more time discovering our opinions, what is important to us, and ways to deal with people.

Temptation is everywhere. You are told to find your great purpose and achieve financial wealth, but balance it with fun, travels, and social parties.

Social expectations have grown. You are suppose to workout, be great women, have fun with children, be able to beat down another guy if he jumps you, and hold compassion with those who struggle.

Let me help.

My name is Joshua Uebergang (pronounced “you-burr-gang”). I’m also known as the Tower of Power because I’m 6 foot 9 and give all you need to build friends and influence people. The video below reveals bits about me and the site: and all recommended courses on the site make clear thousands of years in managing expectations, dealing anxiety, achieving more, and living a life of value with values. The tips and strategies date back from Greek philosophers like Seneca all the way up to modern research in neuroscience and what’s worked for me.

The real cool thing about this is I’m imperfect. What you learn has transformed me and thousands of others.

You see, I use to have no friends, no girlfriend, and awful relationships with my family. For a whole year I played a game everyday for 8 hours called Age of Mythology from the Age of Empire series. Played it so much I was ranked in the top 10 of the world. After that, I literally couldn’t look someone in the eye or talk to a stranger.

Now I’ve run workshops, sold thousands of copies of my books, and teach over 18,000 people in 120 countries the secrets you’re here to discover.

What you learn from the social skills blog and my programs transcribe the thousands of hours learning so you don’t have to discover how to get that cute girl’s attention or make people laugh. There’s so much bad advice out there from gurus and bloggers like “think positively” and “just be yourself“. Makes me want to throw up. You pull your hair out trying to figure the answers on your own or from gurus who never suffered like you.

When you subscribe to Tower of Power for free, I’ll give you 10 free tips so you start a conversation every time, begin to beat your shyness, look confident in an instant, and more. Here you start your journey to build friends and influence people. Come take my hand and I’ll show you how. Enter your email to start your transformation for free by entering your first name and email at the top-right of the page.

Check out my personal blog where you’ll get insight into my life and receive secret tid-bits of advice to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Leil Lowndes

I admire your work so much. I think one of the unique things about you is that you have the persona and personality not of someone who is standing up on stage and pompously talking to people about these things [conversation skills]. You sound like the people who’d be viewing you or listening to you with whom you have shared your struggles and such. You are right there with them and I think it’s fantastic.

Joshua let me take this moment to again applaud you for your fine work in this field. I feel your personality, friendliness, openness and genuine care shine through and make you successful in your goals of helping others.

Leil Lowndes
Author of How to Talk to Anyone and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You