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Making Serious Money Being Our Affiliate Is As Easy As Tying Your Shoe Lace!…

From: Joshua Uebergang aka “Tower of Power” from

Brisbane, Australia

Dear Prospective Affiliate Partner,

Yes! Earning money by joining our affiliate program for FREE today is really that easy! You are given a high-rate of commissions, bucket loads of great copy and paste tools, and several other things to help you earn money from my world-leading programs, which help visitors build friends and influence people.

Check out the programs to see how the market(s) you’re in (whether it be personal development, relationships, dating, or mental health) desperately want the solutions given in the programs. It’s amazing, for example, the number of people who want to learn how to start conversations, which is just one problem my Big Talk course solves.

Here’s Why I’m Giving You Such a High-Rate of Commission

I know you’re after a program that not only converts your visitors into buyers, but also one that pays out high commissions because you want to make serious money online. I want you to be motivated to select my program so I’ve ensured a high commission rate for all my programs that contain high-quality information.

You are given a whoopin’ 60% commission for all my programs, which means you can earn between US$28.20 and US$197.40 for one referred sale. This is so you sign up today and begin earning serious money because the more you make, the more I make.

The great thing about this is when you promote my hottest program Big Talk, customers are also ethically presented with options to join a continuity program called Big Talkers AND they are given a one-time opportunity to buy bonus reports on socializing, networking, and conversational humor – all of which you earn commissions from.

Hopefully you are getting excited because there is no other online communication skills program like this.

It’s a hot and in-demand product.

Michael Lee, Persuasion Expert

I love promoting “Big Talk”. I’m seeing great conversions because almost everyone needs to communicate effectively to become truly successful in life; but very few know how to do it right.

I regard “Big Talk” as the “Encyclopedia of Effective Communication and Conversation.” It’s a hot and in-demand product.

And Josh is always helpful every time I ask for assistance. He’s always there to help you in maximizing your affiliate commissions. He’s also honest in giving affiliates all their due commissions.

I highly recommend promoting Josh’s program.

Michael Lee

Author of “How To Be An Expert Persuader”

How to Maximize Your Income with the Least Amount of Effort

I realize you’re a big asset to myself so I’ve given you as much as I can (high-rate of commissions, free promotional tools, training, etc.) to help you maximise your earnings. This “affiliate base” will help you maximize your income with the least amount of effort.

If you can copy and paste, you can use our promotional tools.

Here’s what tools you get in our affiliate program:

  • Links for the sales page, order page, and ANY other page of the Tower of Power site ( so that you can send visitors to a page of your choice and still receive commissions should the person purchase a program (Like an article you read on my blog? Link to it with your affiliate link to earn money while providing your readers with industry-leading content!)
  • An array of valuable and free viral reports that have spread like wild-fire over the internet for me… Let these viral reports spread over the internet for you with your affiliate link in them and sit back as people promote the program for you!
  • Step-by-step directions as I hold you by the hand to get you started making serious money being a ToP affiliate
  • Special affiliate link tracking so you can see which links people are: 1) clicking on and 2) purchasing through (Leverage what performs well for you so you get more money doing what works)
  • The promotional tools already have your affiliate links inbuilt in them so you just need to copy and paste.
  • Access to my expert articles that you can distribute with your affiliate link
  • A copy and paste response-pulling autoresponder series
  • Eye-grabbing, professionally made banners and images
  • A massive list of keywords along with PPC ads that I’ve already tested which gives you high click-through rates
  • Tools like popups and redirects (earn money from people leaving your site)
  • Reviews of the programs, which you can use the way they are, but I encourage you to be ethical by using them as a framework for your own review
  • Tools for stats, tracking, and reporting
  • The right to use parts of each sales page in your promotions (For example, you can copy attention-stealing bullet points to use in your emails)

Frequently Asked Questions From Prospective Affiliates

  1. What is the Tower of Power affiliate program?
  2. What programs do I get to sell?
  3. How much technical skills do I need?
  4. What work do I need to do?
  5. How and when do I get paid?
  6. How do you keep track of who buys through my link?
  7. How can I keep track of how well my promotions are going?
  8. Can I promote your program through PPC?

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Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Joshua Uebergang aka “Tower of Power”