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10 Almost Guaranteed Ways to Fail in Life

Josh: This is a guest post by Patric Chan from The number of authors who have written for are less than the number of fingers on your hand. Patric is here because he is unusual being from Malaysia teaching success and other lessons you typically hear from big-shot Americans. He has simple yet effective lessons that helped him become wealthy and sociable in his twenties.

So you want to be successful in life? Is that what you want? Then you better stop failing and become aware of these 10 ways to fail in life.

You see, I’ve been asked many times how to achieve success and weird enough, it seems like nobody takes the advice seriously. Then I realized one thing – most people are ALREADY failing before they even got started!

The article I wrote below is slightly controversy compare to the normal goodie-type personal development advice because this is the TRUTH. If I want to keep everyone happy and write about the colorful rainbow, birds chirping, flowers blooming, etc., then I should just open up a nursery home and take care of children. I want to tell you the truth straight to your face because I’ve been there and heard the garbage lies thrown everywhere.

Avoid these and you’ll automatically be on the right track (provided you want to be successful):

1. Mixing With Losers

It’s a guaranteed way to fail in life with this. Whatever you like to do, losers will just tell you it won’t work and after some time, you will also become a loser. High five, welcome to the losers’ club. Something about losers you should know: they like to “recruit” new people and are very comfortable in their shoes. They don’t welcome changes. So when you see someone with any of these two characteristics, you know what you should do.

2. Don’t Know What You Want

The most common goal I hear all of the time is, “I want to be rich”. I mean it’s fine with that generic goal but the problem is, how rich do you want to be? Or how rich is rich? Put it this way – the methods used to make a million and $3,000 are different. No wonder some people couldn’t experience breakthroughs in life because they are playing small for big goals. If you want to make a million, you better put in that level of commitment, bucko.

3. You Want Everything

It’s nice to have a lot of things but if you go chasing everything, you get nothing. Let me tell you why – you only have 24 hours a day and you’ve got to focus on your priorities. I know, I know, you can hire others and so on but the fact is, you’ve got to want “something” first to lead to another “something”, then to everything. Make sense?

4. Watching the “Secrets” Way Too Much

I’m not here to criticize Law Of Attractions (LOA) and don’t want to receive hate emails. As a matter of fact, I do believe in it and have friends who appeared in the Secrets. But it’s a surefire way to fail if you keep on watching the “Secrets” and doing attraction work by sitting down on your floor manifesting 3 hours a day. In my point of view, scientifically, the Law of Attraction runs on the concept of believing. When you believe your goal is achievable, you will take action to achieve it. If you don’t understand this basic element and think LOA is some sort of miracle remedy, oh boy, you’re in for a big surprise of failure.

5. You Don’t Truly Know Why You Want Success

Wanting everything is bad enough – but it gets worse if you don’t even know the reason why you’re trying to achieve your goal. What’s the deal? Without a solid reason, a compelling reason, where are you going to find the motivation and encouragement for you to overcome obstacles? You think it’s going to be fun ride to success? Then you haven’t been traveling – it’s a rocky road, my friend. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they never complete the journey – they give up halfway (or at the beginning) because they cannot see the worth of accomplishments.

6. You Don’t Remember Your Roots

…if you go chasing everything, you get nothing.

The thing I get most irritated about is people who achieved success and never felt gratitude towards those who helped them. Is it very hard to say, “Thank you”? The law of reciprocity is simple – you return favors to those who helped you in the past. And maybe, they’ll help you again in the future. Remember this: it takes more than just you to achieve success. Don’t be a jerk.

7. You Think You’re Smart

The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. If you don’t want to fail in life, make sure you stop acting as though you already know everything. The fact is, all successful people are people who continuously learn to be even more successful. They don’t stop. Let me put it in this perspective: you don’t know what you don’t know, you know?

8. You Listen To The Wrong People

I watched this funny movie called, “He Is Just Not That Into You” and it reaffirmed what I’m about to tell you. At the beginning of the movie, it shows a clip of a boy pushing a girl in the playground because he somehow doesn’t like her. He thinks she smells like dog poo. She cried and asked her mum why did the boy do that to her. And her mum replied, “It’s because boys do that to girls when they like you.” Do yourself a favor, don’t get wrong advice. It’ll stick in your brain and lead you to make stupid interpretations in life.

9. You Think Short Term

You’ll often hear this happening in many “successful” people’s stories: they make a lot of money to lose it all. This is probably because they became too comfortable and the other thing is, once you achieve success, you should ride on the wave when the momentum is there. When you think short term, you’re only going after the instant pleasure. You must learn to delay gratification to enjoy today’s labor.

10. You’re Blinded With What Is Important In Life

I believe there are only two things that are important in your life – control of time and experiencing happiness. Money, love, big cars, diamonds, etc., are the things that contribute to these two benchmarks of success. For instance, if you have money, you don’t need to work so you can have more time to do the things you like. It’s not the money that you’re trying to get, but what the money CAN DO FOR YOU. I know this topic is bigger than one sentence explanation, but I guess you get the point. You’re a smart fella.

So now you know the 10 ways to fail in life. Question is, are you doing any of these? I’ll be BS’ng you if I said I don’t. I’m human dude, flesh and blood – I do mistakes too.

But I was fortunate to experience my fair share of success today because I learn powerful lessons from other successful people…

It’s okay to fail and you should fail as many times as you can. That is how you learn but more importantly, you should never give up – each time you get dirt kicked in your face, wash your face and ‘fight’ back. Don’t go crying like a sissy because Mum’s not going to come cleaning your face.

Are you ready? Go get your goals.

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Patric Chan

Patric Chan, founder of, is a world-class speaker on success in 11 countries. He lives on a small island in Malaysia, has never been to a University, started from zero money, and now lives his dream teaching people the secrets of success. You can discover the success secrets of the past, present, and future from Patric here.



These days when “How to Succeed in Life” are too common a feature, it certainly is enlightening to learn the depth of failures and help one self prevent it. Wish I should have seen this much earlier. Patric Chan in a subtle way has touched the weaker side to highlight one’s strength.


Thanks for opening the Blinded scales from us, With What Is Important In Life.


Akoh Peter

Practically true, Patrick, I can feel the impact. keep it up.

Aggrey Nuwamanya

Patric, you are indeed good at what you do. You sound like you have lived the life and your back to educate us on the real deal.

Everyone talks about how to be rich, but your approach of how to fail in life is great.

The article is motivating, moving and a good check up for our everyday mannerisms that we have groomed in ourselves (since we are all human). I still believe each and everyone has one or more of those characterisitcs, but I think that cannot stop them from making it in life. The best approach is knowing one’s weakness and tolerating it to minorly influence decisions and ambitions.

Thanks Patric

Chuks Onyejekwe


This is surely a masterpiece. Many thanks and more grease to your elbows.

Best regards,

Mihalache Alexandra

I like this article;good job…
i like the way the author is expressing himself; he is direct and dynamic and this makes you truly enjoy reading his article πŸ™‚


sure way to fail..wanting everything. patric thank you for this informative piece but i wish you expounded more on point 10 because often we are driven to succeed by what we define as important in our lives, i do not know what your explanation to this would be. kindly respond to this.

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Josphine, read my article Defining What You Truly Want. It perfectly answers your question.

We pursue a goal with a tangible aspect in mind, such as to make money or get a date, but there’s a deeper reason that explains the goal – often it’s emotional. Ask yourself, “Why do I want money?” “Why do I want that hot guy?” Peeling the layers off of each question comes down to controlling time and happiness.

A person may say she wants money, but what she really wants is to not slave as a cashier for 60 hours per week. A guy may say he wants that hot women, but what he really wants is validation. A dad may say he wants his children to not fight, but what he wants is for the family to be happy.

Patric Chan

Hi Josphine,

There are many things we try to achieve in life but they actually lead us to only 2 things as mentioned in 10. Joshua has done a great job at explaining it – I’m just riding on what he had shared.

What I can say is this – if you’re pursuing your goal, whatever it is, if it’s going to make you unhappy or take away too much of your time, then it’s not really worth it right?

Now – the ‘unhappiness’ can appear in many forms. Let’s say your goal is to become the VP of your company but you’re going to be apart with your love ones. That’s going to make you unhappy. So you think, ‘Does being a VP makes me happy?’. The instant answer is YES but you’ll need to evaluate deeper on what you really want because by end of the day, you just want to be happy and control of your time. If being a VP will eventually lead you to your real outcome you’re going to achieve, go for it.

I can’t really explain to you in 2 paragraphs because it takes more than just 15 minutes writing to elaborate on this. πŸ™‚ Make sure you go to at 10 PM EST, 30th April.

Take care,

Patric Chan


Hi Patrick!

Thank you for these are very helpful.


your article is just one of those that makes my day bright. thanks


Hi patrick, God gave the talent of reading what really takes place in society. You have hit the point. Keep it up and God bless you.


I am glad I found this site.

I have groaned and moaned in the power of failure, somehow I haven’t given up trying and just as I was going down I found this article. I am strong and back on my feet so ‘I WANTED EVERYTHING, THOUGHT I AM SMART, DIDN’T REMEMBER MY ROOTS…”
see you on my way up again .


Very nice said about β€œ10 Almost Guaranteed Ways to Fail in Life” and it is good informative one to success in life. I expecting more things about the dark side and bright side of a persons life in deep. (example:what to do? and what should not to do?)


i appriciate the piece sort of guide ones idea about goals in life and who to mix with,thanks alot

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