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10 Almost Guaranteed Ways to Fail in Life

Josh: This is a guest post by Patric Chan from The number of authors who have written for are less than the number of fingers on your hand. Patric is here because he is unusual being from Malaysia teaching success and other lessons you typically hear from big-shot Americans. He has simple yet effective lessons that helped him become wealthy and sociable in his twenties.

So you want to be successful in life? Is that what you want? Then you better stop failing and become aware of these 10 ways to fail in life.

You see, I’ve been asked many times how to achieve success and weird enough, it seems like nobody takes the advice seriously. Then I realized one thing – most people are ALREADY failing before they even got started!

The article I wrote below is slightly controversy compare to the normal goodie-type personal development advice because this is the TRUTH. If I want to keep everyone happy and write about the colorful rainbow, birds chirping, flowers blooming, etc., then I should just open up a nursery home and take care of children. I want to tell you the truth straight to your face because I’ve been there and heard the garbage lies thrown everywhere.

Avoid these and you’ll automatically be on the right track (provided you want to be successful): Read more