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Surprising Facts About Anxiety Disorders – 7 Ways to Cope (Video and Infographic)

Only anxious people understand what it’s like to feel anxiety. Getting told to “calm down” is annoying. Meeting people is not fun. A delay in someone accepting your Facebook friendship means they don’t like you.

I get it – once having a social anxiety disorder own me years ago. It’s a weird experience. To help I made a videographic of surprising facts about anxiety disorders. You might get stunned by the celebrities who suffer from anxiety, symptoms of anxiety, and ways to deal with the disorder.

Watch the Video:

See the Infographic:

Anxiety disorder infographic

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  1. Anxiety disorders are in the top 10 reasons for disability in nearly all World regions: via @towerofpower  
  2. 36% of people with social anxiety disorder experience symptoms for 10 years before seeking help: via @towerofpower  
  3. Anxiety doesn’t limit you – only your choice can: via @towerofpower  
  4. Feeling good is not a condition of living good: via @towerofpower  
  5. Develop skills to perform well in situations you are anxious over. Competence leads to confidence: via @towerofpower  
  6. You can feel anxious because you care. Anxiety is normal so be with it: via @towerofpower  

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such presentations defitely lessen stigma on mental illness


i am very anxious all the time