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The Benefits of Communication Skills

What if I told you there was a secret to you being happy, attractive, popular, successful, in control, and loving? What if you could get these from one skill? You can.

The benefits of communication are mind-boggling. It goes beyond what you’re about to discover here. Any interaction with people or lack of interaction from things like shyness can improve with communication.

Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Kipling’s quote fails to communication because it is far more than words – communication is also nonverbal. Imagine the powerful benefits of communication now.

Here are a list of communication benefits that tell you the “what”, “why”, and “how” this amazing skill will change your life:

1. Communication increases your happiness. You’ve heard money cannot buy happiness. You become happy by taking the right actions. Think about it. Happiness is at the core of your actions because happiness is not conditional. You don’t become happy by getting a certain object or person in your life. When you learn communication, you take action to make yourself happy.

While developing your communication makes you happy, happiness also increases as you minimize destructive conflict. Effective communication makes you happier by helping you: reduce verbal fights, manage anger, express yourself to “get things off your back”, and change other situations to increase relationship-enhancing feelings.

2. Communication makes you one hot dude or chick. You attract the people in your life. Get excited because you have invisible forces that draw and repel people. This is not mystical mumbo-jumbo. If you want to attract a fun, loving, positive, and caring person, you have to become a fun, loving, positive, and caring person.

When you improve how you talk and present yourself, you reap the benefits of communication. You boost your confidence, self-esteem, and social life – all universally attractive qualities.

Communication is the relationship.

Without communication, attraction dies. Physical appearance can only get you so far. Communication makes you interesting, connects you with people, builds friendships, and attracts a partner. Pick-up artists use communication to build attraction and get physically intimate with women in hours and sometimes minutes.

3. Communication adds intimacy. How do people become open in a relationship? Good communication, of course, because it is the only bridge between a relationship. Communication is the relationship. Poor communication in a relationship is like a plant without water. When communication dies, so does the relationship. Two persons connect only through good communication.

4. Communication increases love. This benefit of communication ties in with intimacy. You can love people more than you think by changing the way you talk and actively listen. These skills show respect and love to people. Giving love is the best way to receive love.

5. Communication makes you more popular. Though it’s a superficial goal to become the most liked person in school or a club, communication makes you more popular. Once you develop good conversation skills, your number of friends is only limited by the time you talk with people. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like tips on how to win friends.

Improve Your Workplace

Here’s what better communication can do for your workplace – who knows, you might actually begin to enjoy work:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Better feedback that enhances the quality of work
  3. Less time is wasted resolving interpersonal problems between coworkers
  4. Ideas flow smoothly through the organization
  5. Effective problem-solving as teams work well together
  6. Less absenteeism from increased workplace satisfaction
  7. And much more

6. Communication increases your success. John Johanson and Carrie Fried did a 2002 study published in the Teaching of Psychology Journal asked graduates what skill contributed the most to their success. The number one answer was interpersonal skills. Drew Appleby in a well-known psychology magazine “Eye on Psi Chi” asked 39 employers what job skills they want in job candidates. Interpersonal skills was number one again.

World renowned personal business consultant Brian Tracy in Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life says the highest paid intelligence in the United States is interpersonal intelligence. A person with such intelligence understands people’s feelings and desires – and employers pay big bucks for someone with these skills. Success is yet another benefit of communication.

7. Communication makes you relaxed. Stress relates to how we manage ourselves with the world. You become relaxed by assertively telling someone “no” if they ask you to do what you don’t want. You no longer worry over the world’s reactions if you respond from control within yourself. (Checkout another article of mine, where you learn effective stress management techniques in communication.)

8. Communication makes you satisfied. You’re satisfied when you meet a need or desire. To get what you want, either someone gives it to you or you get it yourself. You cannot control what someone gives you (although you can influence them), which means you must learn how to get what you want to be satisfied. You do this by improving your persuasion, negotiation, and influence skills.

9. Communication gives you self-control. Think of the times you said something you later regretted. Maybe you even slapped someone. Communication skills helps self-control to manage impulsive behavior. Self-control is beyond not doing actions; it also involves doing the right things.

10. Communication helps self-understanding. Do you know why you feel bad when someone gives you criticism? Why do you feel surges of anger towards someone you love? How do you overcome fear that stops you from talking with that hot chick?

If you’re like most people, you don’t understand your behavior. This hurts you everyday. Not even I fully understand myself in a way that lets me use my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources to my potential. No one ever will. You will never have the complete answers to these questions – and you don’t need them. Perfect communication is unnecessary.

11. Communication helps you understand people. Rarely do we understand people to the level they want. Effective communication helps you see someone’s emotions, understand their emotions, and communicate at the level of emotions to connect the two of you in a way people rarely experience.

Understanding happens at two levels. Firstly, good communication helps you understand human behavior as it relates to everyone. Secondly, it helps you understand people you talk with as you explore what really matters to them. This my friend, is the real benefit of communication. Let it empower your life.

There is an abundance of additional benefits effective communication creates…

This is a small list of the benefits communication skills can give you. There are many other benefits of communication such as getting that job promotion, better teamwork, and connecting with children, but hopefully the list gives you a great idea of the impact this glorious skill can have on your life. Experience the power of communication. Let it supercharge your life today by signing up to my free newsletter here to improve your communication.

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I love how the article encourages you to be more open in communication, I think that as a small business owner we sometimes we forget that communication is also a key part of the business as well. Thank you.

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