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Review of The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz

This is a book review of Robert Fritz’s The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life.

Why do you do what you do and how can you change it? It’s more complex than habits. There are patterns that take you to where you want to go or avoid what you want to dodge. Author Robert Fritz, developer of the Technologies for Creating, has developed a field of study called “Macrostructural Patterns” explained in his book that demystifies habitual behavior to help you create what you want in life.

Fritz teaches that human behavior, like physics, flows along the path of least resistance. Just as water flows down the easiest path, so does human energy. Though the path of least resistance can carry you in unruly directions – as it so often does – it can empower you to effortlessly flow towards your goals.

We fail to change according to Fritz because we fight habits with willpower, positive-thinking, affirmations, and other similar self-help techniques. We try to remove what we do not want instead of creating what we do want. We get stuck in problem solving instead of creation.

Many golden gems in the book will change how you approach problem solving in general. When you change the structure of your behavior by making primary and fundamental choices to behave in a way that is consistent with your vision – while acknowledging your present reality – you create lasting change.

…human behavior, like physics, flows along the path of least resistance.

The book is not about creativity, painting, and similar artistic works; it is about harnessing your innate human potential to create the life you want. You were born to create. From feeling great to eliminating destructive health patterns, The Path of Least Resistance provides you with simple methods to create your desired life.

Though Fritz’s book is simple and the concepts are few, when you read the book I advise you to let the italicized sentences sink in your mind as you pause to think about what is written. Many “higher-level concepts” shared leave you to ponder their application in your life. These concepts are by no means New Age or based on pop psychology, but based on the “tradition of the arts and sciences”.

Once you make a fundamental choice aligned with your vision, while knowing your present reality, you create what you want with less effort. Your new path of least resistance leads you to your desired destination so you cannot but get the future you envision. People, processes, and circumstances align themselves once you decide to become the creative force in your life.

If you feel circumstances mold your life; if you have tried to change yourself, but reverted to your old way of behaving; if you have ever wanted to create a life you want The Path of Least Resistance is for you. You can grab your copy of the book now from Amazon by clicking here.

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