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101 Conversation Starters People Love

Below are 101 types of conversation starters to use on your first date, at a party, in business, with guys or girls, or on family and friends.

The 101 great conversation openers are simple and effective. Do not be fooled. The most important point to remember when using any conversation starter is they aim to start the conversation. “Ice-breakers” break the ice; they don’t heat up the planet and make mother nature flourish. (Tweet this.)

Conversation openers are not intended to make people laugh or get people to like you. Guys, you can make a woman think you’re a primal beast to be locked in her room later in the conversation. When you attempt to impress someone with your first words, you get nervous, discouraging you from starting a conversation. It also makes you look like a try hard in need of approval.

What Makes a Great Conversation Starter?

Watch this video for an amazing exercise you can do with me to create over 30 conversation starters that work for you

The best conversation starters are situation-specific. Most openers given by dating experts, communication trainers, and bloggers are limiting because there is little chance they would work in your situation. Try asking someone, “Have you ever been snorkeling?” or “Who’s your favorite Star Wars character?” and the conversation may end as soon as it began (unless you’re in a diving class or at a nerd function… I’m mean, Star Wars convention.)

‘Ice-breakers’ break the ice; they don’t heat up the planet and make mother nature flourish.

While generic openers and stock material can be used in many situations, use proven formulas like opinion openers to construct your own ice-breakers for situations you find yourself in throughout the week.

Here’s an exercise to help you develop excellent openers. Think of the top three situations you find yourself in like at the gym, supermarket, or a bench near work. Now think of 10 things to say in each situation.

Having done that, you already have 30 amazing conversation starters. Do that exercise to always know what to say to anyone. I encourage you to go over the massive list of openers revealed in this article applying the simple exercise you just did.

Before we get started, “Hey” or “Hi” is left out from the 101 starters because it is redundant. You often want to say such a simple greeting first. Also keep in mind some openers placed under one category like “Funny Conversation Starters” can be used in situations filed under other categories like “Conversation Starters for Guys with Girls”.

Let’s get talking and working through this gigantic list of ways to start a conversation based off the Big Talk Training Course – the ultimate guide if you’re shy to talk to anyone and make friends. We start basic because that is enough most times:

Conversation Starters Anyone can Use in Any Situation

  1. “I’m [your first name].” Most people reciprocate an exchange of information. Give them your name, they’ll give you theirs.
  2. “How are ya doing right now?” “How’s ya day been so far?” Slightly vary the question, “How are you?” No one answers that trite question or gives it any thought.
  3. “How’s your [the day of the week] been?” “What’s happened for you today?” “How was your trip?” “How’d you sleep last night?” We’re happy to talk about simple events when they’ve recently occurred. We love to blabber about our delayed flight, the traffic jam, or the sunburn on our arm within a day or so of it happening.
  4. “Hey.” Smile then walk away. Repeat each time you meet the person and build towards a casual conversation. Say it in an environment like a gym when you meet someone over and over. Eventually you’ll feel like friends and have something good to talk about. When you have something else to say, have the confidence to say it.
  5. “What do you think of that book?” “Looks like a great drink. What is it?” “I love this place because it’s got great energy.” These examples are situational openers – the most common type of conversation starter. Simply comment on your surroundings.
  6. “Where are you from?” This is best if you think the person is not from the area or the location is something like a seminar, convention, or university where people from diverse towns come together. Let the conversation spread from their as you talk about the city’s sporting teams, cultural icons, and famous landmarks.
  7. “This might seem a little weird, but I like your posture. It makes you stand out nicely.” “Nice shirt. Where did you get it?” “I love your style!” These examples are compliment openers.
  8. “It’s so hot today.” “The great sun is burning this afternoon.” “It’s freezing! Do you know the temperature?” Talk about the weather. “Don’t knock the weather,” said American cartoonist Kin Hubbard, “nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.”
  9. “I don’t know anyone around here so I thought I’d come talk to you.” “I’m a little nervous talking with strangers, but I just had to come say hi.” “I know no one here so I thought I’d introduce myself to you.” These examples are what I call the “vulnerable introduction”. Make your opener reveal your anxiety to endear people.
  10. “I’m out meeting new, interesting people tonight. Mind if we chat for a minute?” “You guys look like you’re having fun. That’s so cool that I just had to come talk to you.” “I had to come talk to you because your shirt made me laugh.” Reveal your reason for approaching the person or group.
  11. “What about the game last night!” “Yankees aren’t doing so well this season.” “Your flowers are looking lovely.” Talk about something you know the person is interested in.
  12. “I was just listening to the radio on my way here and can’t believe what happened in Africa. Have you heard about the flying frozen fish?” Study the news before an event to learn what’s hot.
  13. “Normally people start a conversation by talking about what’s in the news, but I haven’t been paying any attention. What’s been going on? Is the President dead?” If you’re like me and never consume the daily news (it’s mental pollution from corporations wanting readership), ask about the news. Use humor whenever possible to release tension.
  14. “I believe we saw each other at James’ party.” “I think we ran into each other at the trade event last month.” “Did we meet last year at Church?” Start by talking about previous brief interactions.
  15. “How’s your Christmas preparations going?” “How’d the New Year go for you?” “Spring Break has been crazy. What’s happened to you at Spring Break so far?” Talk about holiday preparations, experiences, and fun times. The person is guaranteed to do something for holidays like Christmas making it a good opener.
  16. Wear a big talk people-magnet. As described in my Big Talk book, big talk people-magnets are items people will approach you to talk about. Such items include earrings, jewelery, tattoos, an unusual hair cut or color, a pinned item on your shirt or top, or a slogan t-shirt. People want to talk to you so help put words in their mouth.

Cold-Read Conversation Starters to Use on Anyone

  1. “You look like a [teacher/fashion designer/entrepreneur/some noble profession].” The person will feel appreciated and always ask why you guessed that particular profession.
  2. “You seem like a [kind/hard working/problem solving/positive personality trait] person. I like that.” Use this opener when the person displays an admirable trait. The compliment makes the person feel great and can lead the conversation to many directions.
  3. “You look like a [outgoing/talkative/friendly/people-magnetic trait] person.”
  4. “I’m curious. Would your friends say you’re an [outgoing/understanding/open/positive personality trait] person?”
  5. “I like your [necklace/shirt/hair/personal trait or item]. I bet that says a lot about your personality.” No one hates a compliment or someone interested in one’s personality.
  6. “You guys know each from work?” “You guys look like you’ve been friends since school.” “You guys spending the night out together?” This one is good for groups. Predict their relationship with one another.
  7. “I’m practicing a new skill called ‘cold-reading’ on people I don’t yet know. Let me quickly try it on you. It’ll be fun.” Confidently assert you will cold-read; don’t ask for permission.

Grab my free magical conversation starter for more great advice on coming up with your own cold-reads in conversation to instantly make people like you.

Conversation Starters for Guys with Girls

  1. “I need a girl’s opinion about something I was just discussing with a friend who broke up with his girlfriend. He made out with another woman straight after his relationship break up. Is he a jerk?” Get a female opinion.
  2. “I play the field, and it looks like I just hit a home run with you.” “You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!” “Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?” Tease cheesy pick-up lines. Make sure you say the pick-up line in a joking manner.
  3. “Who lies more: men or women?” “Is it wrong to break up with a text message?” Ask a controversial question to a group of women then watch their eyes open wide and hear the chatter break out.
  4. “I want a woman’s perspective on this. I was just talking to a friend who broke up. His girlfriend keeps calling. Why does she do it?” Ask a question about someone’s relationship. Women love to share their opinion on relationships.
  5. “You caught my attention because you’re cute so I had to come talk to you.”
  6. “Nice boots. Do you have your horse parked outside?” “Nice shoes. They look comfortable.” “Nice top. My grandma has one.” Say it playfully. Lightly tease the woman about something she’ll giggle over. Be prepared for banter otherwise you could be eaten alive by a witty woman.
  7. “Can I help you?” Ask this in a shop. Playfully pretend to be an employee.
  8. “Hmm, are you friendly?” Say it with a suspicious and playful look. Most women will not say no. “Good, I’ll talk to you.” If she does say no, you can overlook it, use it as banter material, or take it as a warning sign to leave the grump alone. This opener is more suited to entertainment venues.

Conversation Starters for Girls with Guys

  1. “I need a guy’s opinion on something that just happened with a friend. Would you read your girlfriend’s email if you thought she was cheating on you?” Get a male opinion.
  2. “Where can I find a good coffee shop around here?” “I need help rubbing sunscreen on my back. I’m unfortunately not double-jointed. Can you help put it on?” “What’s a great country to visit?” Ask for his help. Guys love to give advice (as if you didn’t know that.)
  3. “I’ll do a trade with you. You give me that burger and I’ll give you this awful coffee.” Make a playful trade. You can make up anything based on something each of you have at the time.
  4. “Can you take a photo for me to send a friend?” Get him to join in the photo.
  5. “Can you reserve my seat for me?” “Can you look after these books until I get back?” Ask him to watch something for you – just don’t leave your bag behind for him. You are opening a conversation for when you return, not putting the country at threat or testing if he would be an honest husband.
  6. “Nice [shoes/shirt/bag/material item]. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a friend. Where can I get one?” Question something you complimented.
  7. “Oh! Sorry for bumping into you.” “Oh no! I’m sorry for spilling my drink on you.” The accident opener isn’t the best because its subtly may mean you have to spill a drink on the guy three times for him to pick up your interest in starting a conversation. I’ve heard of some women using this conversation starter by burning men with cigarettes! Don’t be talking to me b****! Create an accident if you are absolutely lost for words. Just be careful you do no damage.
  8. “You should come talk to me.” Smile over your shoulder as you walk away without giving him a chance to respond. Mystery is sexy.
  9. Shoo away your friends for a moment to be alone. Many guys talk to women in bars and clubs when the woman’s friends get a drink or go to toilet – it’s the guy’s chance to attack the lonely gazelle.

Conversation Starters for Families or Friends

  1. “Where’s [Uncle Terry/New York crew/missing family or friend] today?”
  2. “Are you going to Jim’s wedding?” “What celebrations are coming up in your family?” Weddings, births, and birthdays are all memorable events family members and friends can talk about. Divorces are memorable, but depressing.
  3. “How have you been this past year?” “Great to see you. What’s changed in your life since the last time we met?” (Recall the last time you met to get bonus points). Catch up on the person’s life – my favorite opener to use with family and friends.
  4. Bring up a memorable moment or anecdote your family or friends remember, such as a funny story, an embarrassing mishap, or a trip everyone enjoyed. This starter initiates multiple conversations about similar moments.
  5. “What do you have planned for the weekend?” “What’s happening for you Friday?” “What’s on your calendar this week?”
  6. “What’s one thing you’re really thankful for?”
  7. “What’s something I don’t know about you that you think I should know? Like… are you a stalker?” “What’s one thing that’s new in your life?” “What’s recently changed in your life?”

Conversation Starters for Couples

Most of these are useful when the couple are already in rapport and chatting:

  1. “What do you most admire about our [family/home/relationship/something with positive qualities]?”
  2. “What’s one thing you’ve wanted to tell me, but haven’t?”
  3. “I like how you smile when I come home from work.” Compliments replenish the energy in relationships often drained from criticism. A compliment often leads to a great conversation.
  4. “In your dream house, what one room must you have?”
  5. “What’s a memory between us that stands out for you?”
  6. “What does this [flower/meal/atmosphere/something in the environment] remind you of?” Make sure the object you’re commenting on has history in your relationship.
  7. “What three values do you most want our children to carry on throughout life?” “What principles do you want our children to live by?” “How do you want our children to best live life?”
  8. “If you happen to leave Earth before I do, how would you like me to remember you?” You’ll discover the ideal image of your partner, which you can use to increase understanding and intimacy.

First Date Conversation Starters

  1. “How am I doing so far?” Say it sarcastically once the date starts (you’re making fun of someone needy.)
  2. “What’s one defining moment of your life so far?”
  3. “What’s one thing you most want to do?” Gather information for a later date to blow their mind away.
  4. “What three words best describe you?”
  5. “What’s something your friends don’t even know about you?”
  6. “Ignoring your criminal history, what’s the baddest thing you’ve done?” You set the frame your partner is the problematic one. It also gives you call-back humor to brighten a dying conversation.
  7. “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?”
  8. Talk about a funny, embarrassing moment you had with a member of the opposite sex to ease tension.

Do not make the first date or any conversation a needy interview. Question sparingly.

Party Conversation Starters

  1. “Do you know [the host’s name]?” If they don’t, it doesn’t matter. You’re finding out how they fit into the party, an easy ice-breaker allowing for more conversation about the party and its people.
  2. “What’d you get up to earlier today?”
  3. “I love this party. People are just having fun. Are you having fun?” “This is an awesome night. How’s your night been?” “The people here are great and add to the fun. Having fun here?” You get the idea.
  4. “You better win. I’ve got a bet going with a friend.” Apply this to a game of pool, darts, drinking competition – whatever game you see at a party. If the person loses or wins, you’ve got good call-back humor to bring repeat laughs for the rest of the night: “You’re doing well tonight”, “I think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning”, “My house is on you winning this game of poker. If you win, we can go retire in Las Vegas then blow all our money.”
  5. “I’m trying to settle a bet with a friend. How many oceans are there in the world?” Mention the bet then ask any piece of trivia.
  6. “Can you help me open this bottle?” Good for the ladies to make a guy feel macho. Just make sure it isn’t a plastic screw lid on a soft-drink bottle. If you game like a ditsy blonde, cool by me.
  7. If you host the party, get a conversation starter kit with questions on cards to break the ice. Table Topics are a company that make such cards for many occasions like parties, teens, couples, and the dinner table. You can buy them here.

Conversation Starters at the Gym

People serious about working out (yes, the hot ones) don’t like to talk at the gym. You may want to precede all the following gym conversation starters with, “I’ll quickly let you get back to working out, but…” Use the following openers to keep your chat short, leaving your conversation partner feeling respected:

  1. “You look like you know what you’re doing. What’s a good exercise to target my lower abs?”
  2. “Can you spot me?”
  3. “How’s your workout going?” This is good to ask at the watercooler or when both of you are resting between sets.
  4. “Can you check my form for this set and give me any feedback?”
  5. If you’re female, ask a guy for help moving heavy weights. Let him catch your eye on his arms. He’ll love it. Every gym-going guy wants to flaunt his strength to women. Call it ego, but I opt for a primal endeavor to create attraction by displaying one’s fitness for survival.

Funny Conversation Starters

  1. “What was the best thing before sliced bread?” “In an emergency, why do you have to break glass to get a hammer to break glass?” “Can crop circles be square?” Pick a few stock ironic questions to ask anyone. Ask a question with a clueless, serious look then switch your body language over to “I’m playing around”.
  2. “You know what they say about people who [run in the morning/drink espressos/talk to themselves/anything the person is doing]?” They’ll say, “No. What?” Giggle and leave the mystery open or say, “Nothing. I’m just messing with ya.”
  3. “Why shouldn’t you take a Pokemon into the bathroom? He might Pikachu.” Tell a simple joke. Few people tell a joke to someone they don’t know – it’s never happened to me.
  4. “What’s your biggest pet peeve?” People will usually giggle over their pet peeves because we know how silly little annoyances can be.
  5. “My mum said I shouldn’t talk to strangers, but you don’t look scary.” “My grandmother said I shouldn’t talk to strangers, but you don’t look like you’d kidnap me.” People with a sense of humor will usually role play being scary or a kidnapper after such a playful opener.
  6. “Look at that fighting couple. I’ve never seen so much love before.” This comedic technique is exaggeration. Observe something then exaggerate it to a humorous level.
  7. Tell a funny story that relates to the situation.

Deep, Meaningful Conversation Starters

  1. “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?” This question allows both of you to reflect on childhood hopes and dreams.
  2. “Are you a person who does their duty or forges their own path?”
  3. “I’ve been asking a few people this and want your opinion because you seem like an intelligent person: is it more important to be respected or loved?”
  4. “What do you like about this [music/event/holiday/almost anything].” Exploring people’s opinions instead of talking about objective facts makes the conversation personal.
  5. “How does this [music/event/holiday/almost anything] make you feel?” Understand the affect something has on the person.
  6. “What were the highs and lows of your day, today?” Don’t ask unless you really want to know.
  7. “What’s something you regret?” “What one thing would you change in your life at the moment?” “If you could go back in time, what one thing would you change?”
  8. “What gives you the greatest joy in life?” “What makes you the happiest?” “If you’re about to die, what do you need to have done to be fulfilled?”

The effectiveness of these openers like many others depend on who you chat with. Ask a teenage dude, “Are you a person who does their duty or forges their own path?” and he’ll roll his eyes thinking you are a weirdo.

There is more to selecting the right topic for a meaningful conversation, however. In fact, what you talk about has little to do with a deep conversation. A meaningful conversation is about connection created from deep rapport. If you want to forge a deep connection with others, grab my Big Talk book.

Conversation Starters that Get People Talking

While most starters up to this point have been your first few words, the following are good sticks to stir a conversational fire. Think of them as “conversation starters that keep the conversation going”.

If any seem awkward, it is a matter of bridging them with a relevant topic. Preface the following statements or questions with something related to avoid looking like you have ADD:

  1. “What’s hot in your life at the moment?” Hear about the big event in the person’s life.
  2. “What hobbies are taking up your time?” Much more interesting than talking about work again.
  3. “What do you do for fun?”
  4. “What have you been doing in your time off recently?”
  5. “What’s the first thing you notice about a person?” “In your opinion, what makes a good first impression?” “Jill has such a great personality. I wonder why.” Talk about what relates to building friends and influencing people. Ask interesting questions most people never hear.
  6. “What countries have you been to?” People love to travel. If they haven’t been overseas, ask, “Where would you like to go?”
  7. “If you wrote a book, what would it be about?” “What would you do if [he/the US President/Angelina Jolie/a known person] showed up right now?” “I wonder what your DJ name would be?” Make up an endless array of hypothetical scenarios.
  8. “Have you ever [been to Australia/seen a monkey acting human/something unusually interesting]?” One off experiences start a good conversation.
  9. “What’s the last thing you purchased online?” Online purchases aren’t a social experience so they can make an interesting conversation.
  10. “What movies have you seen lately?” “What’s on your music playlist at the moment?” “Watched any good shows or DVDs recently?” “What book are you currently reading?”
  11. “Last time we talked, you were… What happened?” “How’s your new job coming along?” “Who won the game of golf you said you were about to play the last time we talked?” Recall something from a past conversation.

Phew! I hope you enjoyed this whopper list. Never again can you excuse yourself from approaching people.

If these conversation starters fail to elicit much information from the person to get the conversation going, answer your own question and talk about yourself. The “rapid big talk model” I developed states that self-disclosure regulates the speed and degree two persons know each other. If you want someone to answer in-depth the question, “What hobbies are taking up your time?” describe your hobby for a minute. They will become socially compelled to give more than a one-word answer.

You now have plenty of material to start a conversation with anyone anywhere. For all you need to go from shy and quiet to confidently talking to anyone, check out my Big Talk Training Course. It’s the ultimate one-of-a-kind course to overcome shyness, stop feeling lonely, and always know what to say to make friends with anyone. Get it today.

May you enjoy meeting new people!

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Wow, I read every single opener, they are very creative and useful.

Actually, the entire site is very creative and useful. I really like your perspective and insight about people.



Thank you Joshua 🙂

You ‘ve done an amazing work..All the best is selected just around this artical..

Honestly, i just love your website..So inspiring!! thanks

Great regards

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i’ve talked to this guy a little bit before and i really like him. But i hardley ever see him and when i do he’s usally with his friends who i don’t know. i prefer to talk to him alone or with less people so how do i do that?

Also how do i get him to give me his number with out being strait forward? and how do i get him to know i’d like to hang with just him sometime also with out being strait forward?

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

Lisa, there’s more than enough conversation starters above that help you talk to anyone. The issue for you hardly seems to be what to say, but having the confidence to say it.

Read another article I wrote to help you have a conversation with a guy you like for more information on this. You should also check out my review of Catch Him and Keep Him then think about getting the book. You’ll discover a lot to help you approach and attract a guy you want.

Peter Murphy

I like the new blog Joshua. Keep up the good work.


I don’t know about those lines for guys to say to girls. My friends and I have experienced each one of those approaches and they all come off wrong. Especially the ones where the guy makes a joke about your clothes or jokingly uses a cliche pick up line. If you can’t think of something original and funny to say from your own head, then don’t attempt to be funny! -The best pick ups always include the man genuinely demonstrating that they are overwhelmingly attracted to you (and not just sexually). And that they are attracted enough to take the time to talk to you like you are a person and not just an object to trick into talking and then into bed. This type of attitude is what creates womens blunt rejection of appraoching men when out – we get sick of it!!!

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Thanks for the post, some good suggestions. However, the most important thing to take a way from this is simply being confident in what you’re saying. You don’t need to say the “right” thing, just say anything and don’t lose your cool. Girls are drawn to a confident man, one with “swagger”, if you will. These conversation starters aren’t a shoe-in but just suggestions to make you more confident in what you’re saying. So go boys and men- BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS, GET LAID!!!!


FYI, “Conversation Starters for Couples” were lines actually good to start a fight -__-


I’m sorry, but a good majority of these are no better than “have you ever been snorkeling?” For instance, #25 works about .01% of the time; it is not a “conversation starter,” as you put it. Lines like that seem to only work once you have developed some sort of repertoire with the other person.

A few on here are useful, but the majority of them seem childish and awkward at best. Really, the best way to get people talking is by getting them to talk about themselves. And then actually listen to their response. Be confident and attentive. It’s as simple as that.


One of my favorites for meeting new women is to compliment their clothing. “I love those boots you’re wearing!” However, rather than just ending it on that note, I add “I have that same pair, but I opted for the *insert funny color here* ones. I clearly made a huge mistake.” To this day, I’ve yet to find a girl that didn’t at least chuckle at that. Works real good for breaking the ice. After that, you should introduce yourself and get the girls name. Then you can move to asking something like “are you from around here?”. Ask questions, but don’t seem TOO interested. Get them to be interested in you.

Some other good examples include “You know, I used to do my hair like that… But it just wasn’t working for me. You pull it off way better. ;)”
“You know, I never understood how girls can manage to balance in high heels! I used to wear them but after several wipeouts, I decided to just stick to flats.” *Pause* “I’m totally kidding, haha. What’s your name?”
Make sure not to be too creepy though. I hate when girls come up to me and are super desperate sounding… You have to be confident and have some mystery about you. Make em laugh, and then make an excuse about having to go do something. Then if you run into them later you can be like “HEY! I know you! Remember that time when we were talking about the thing? Yeah? Haha.. good times. How’s it going?” If a girl isn’t interested in you, just let it go. Don’t try and force conversation.


If you walked up to me and asked if the president was dead, I would assume you were either a lunatic or an imbecile. Not paying attention to what’s going on in the world is a major turn-off to most educated people.


Some of these might work well when engaging an introvert like myself. My favorite is the “hey” relationship (#4). Unfortunately, however, most of these, if I heard them, would make me cringe a little bit inside or just make me want to roll my eyes and excuse myself from the awkward encounter.

Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

If you’re going to generalize and say most of these suck, please take the time to be specific in your criticism. That way we can have a discussion that moves forward. I’ve tested most of these and they work. The best litmus test is to use one yourself several times and get others to test it as well.

Some starters are better than others. 80 is risky, but if you’re going to try and be funny in a conversation starter, read the start of the article again. A conversation starter should mostly aim to start the conversation – not make people like you.

Also, I find it fascinating how several readers have contacted me saying they found the conversation starters are great, but they focus on bitching about one that wouldn’t work on them, which “makes the opener worthless”.

I’ve said some stupid stuff to start a conversation like “You can’t fight the dark side”. People have looked at me stupidly… but the conversation is STARTED. 5 minutes later we’re chatting and having fun. Sometimes I’ve offended girls, but an emotional reaction is better than indifference.

You don’t need 101 conversation starters so pick and choose the ones you like!


Such a great list, I will have to keep a few of those lines handy for parties.


I never comment but I had to on this one. You’ve done an amazing job with this article, you should do more.


Here’s a conversation starter for any situation:

Hello! 😀

Works like a charm ;D


While this is lovely.
You are just excellent Josh
Keep it up!

Euna Clague

Hello sir you have done great job. These modules are so good for us. Thank you for sharing these information.


Yeah… I don’t know a woman who is going to want you joking about her clothes. Try using the much more respectful openers for men on women. Women also like to give opinion and be thought of as trustwortjy. Bad, insulting lines make them think you’re a creeper. “Don’t stalk me B****!” to quote the girls to men section. As a woman, I would feel insulted by most of your lines for men to women. They’re telling me “Hey, I’m only interested in your body, because you sure don’t have a brain.”


Great list! the most complete and insightful I found, great work!



am just messing around, but seriously this article is very helpful

Thanks alot Josh, youv’e certainly helped alot


I am completely unimpressed with his attempt at psychologically based social recommendations. Besides, with such poor grammar, he has absolutely no business writing.


This was great omgomgomgomgomgomgogmogmogmgmo
I LOVE YOU JOSHUAAAAAA <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<£<3<3<3
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thanx guyz wid yr convo strterz i finali talkd 2 da gy i likd n now im goin 2 mari him. u realy helpd me thanx! hes a princes n i luv him. <3


Read number 93, carefully 😉


I’m sorry but whoever wrote this wasted their time, if you need to be reading about how to start a conversation and this is helping you, you shouldn’t be talking. in fact you would have a severe mental disability. This list makes me angry, i hate whoever wasted their time on it and i hate that i came across this on stumble upon. They are all obvious suggestions, get some originality


Jake, to call people who don’t know how to start a conversation mentally disabled, you’re immature. It shows your inability to understand and empathize with others who find this area of life extremely hard.

Feel free to actually contribute to the discussion instead of being an online troll. It helps if you actually read the article. “The 101 great conversation openers are simple, yet don’t be fooled. They’re effective. The most important point to remember when using any conversation starter is they aim to start the conversation.”


😀 Do you know how many people with Asperger’s syndrome you just helped? Great list!


Many of these yet simple, are very effective. Most probably look and this and believe them to be just too simple to work. Yet, they will. Remember that also it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it. So for all of you that have tried these and have gotten poo results so believe them not to work, try saying some with a positive attitude with a smile if possible. You’ll find that people will react much different that way. Also be positive with your body language. If your slouching and looking down at the ground while you say it, they are going to know that you are not confident in what you are saying. Honestly, it usually doesn’t matter what you say as long as your body language is good and you have a smile on your face

it dosnt matter who i am

theres this guy at school ad ive had a rush on him for ages then we went out and he dumped me on the 5 day because i didnt speak to him much then at youth group on the fith day at night we went bowling with our friends and my friend told him y i didnt talk to him(i was sick spewing blood) u didnt need 2 know that and then his friend made me sit down and then my x asked me out again cause he didnt know y i wasnt talking so now were going back out and i had to fid something to say to him for monday and so this site gave me heaps of ideas thanx xp 😀

Come and chat all you people!

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I seen this guy randomly on twitter while i was just surfing the network. But, I think he is cute. How do I approach him? How do I know if has a girlfriend or not?

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Matt From Sydney

I really think that confidence is the key to starting a conversation with a stranger. The thing is that most people don’t realize just how receptive other people are when they are approached by someone. The first hurdle is always the hardest but it gets easier from there.


Im Good enough just how I am anywhere anytime . I don’t define who or what I am based on how others choose to respond to my introduction or conversation concerning anything . 100 ways to do this, 50 ways to say that, 10 ways to take a poop blah blah blah . Be yourself if others don’t engage it’s their choice . I can smell a BS two feet behind me and no I didn’t learn that from how to smell a BS two feet behind you. Life is good enough .