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Review of The Sound of Your Voice by Carol Fleming

This is a review of Carol Fleming’s The Sound of Your Voice, an audio program created to improve your voice.

What better way to improve your voice quality than to listen to a speech expert teach the skills she learned for several decades. Carol Fleming has a doctorate in communication disorders from Northwestern University. She has ran her private speech communication consultancy since 1968 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fleming has made her vocal techniques, gathered over years of learning and teaching, available in her entertaining audio program.

You can buy books to improve your voice, such as Renee Grant-Williams’ Voice Power, but until you hear a good voice and become capable of breaking it into specific reasons why it’s good, you’ll hope your voice is good. It is vital to know a good voice when you hear one and understand the qualities of a good voice then transfer this understanding into your voice through practical exercises – all steps covered in The Sound of Your Voice.

The program isn’t a boring dictation of a book. It is an entertaining, well-produced, free-flowing program. Fleming is the primary speaker accompanied by Wesley, a Brit with a soothing accent. I’m not particularly fond of British accents, having an Australian one myself “mate”, yet it is enjoyable to hear the two talk about speaking. The program is not two people conversing about talking – it is a great program that contains real-life examples, entertaining sounds, and many speakers with diverse voice qualities that Fleming dissects. It is a lively program.

It is an entertaining, well-produced, free-flowing program.

You won’t be caught in technicalities when doing the program. It is a simple and effective program taught by Fleming who knows how to breakdown vocal complexities into layman’s term after her decades of experience teaching vocalics. The program will show you:

  • How to add vocal vitality to your voice so you are not boring. Men especially struggle to remove their monotone voice and speak with vitality.
  • How to speak in a powerful, mature manner. While men struggle with a monotone voice, women sometimes struggle to convey power in their voice.
  • How to eliminate or change your accent. (There are examples of students in the program who remove their accents by making simple adjustments.)
  • Breathing exercises to support your voice.
  • How to remove annoying content from your speech like filler words and superlatives.
  • How to speak clearly and smoothly articulate each word.
  • What to do to get your voice ready for speaking.
  • And plenty more.

The vocal exercises in the program took my voice to the next level. I have always struggled to understand resonance and getting my voice to vibrate clearly from the front of mouth for better articulation, and a simple exercise helped me do just that.

Carol Fleming’s The Sound of Your Voice is the way to improve your voice. It is the best voice program I’ve come across. You can grab your copy from Amazon by clicking here today.

UPDATE: A year after this review, I was fortunate to have Carol Fleming write an article for you about improving your voice. Read “5 Steps to Develop a Charming Voice”.

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