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Review of Winning with People by John Maxwell

This is a book review of John Maxwell’s Winning With People: Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time.

Some people are born with great relationship skills and so they have an amazing personal and professional life. The majority of people, unfortunately, do not have these skills. Winning with People provides you with the secrets to success in all types of relationships. You learn how to get more friends, strengthen business relationships, and build intimate relationships. Read more

How to Manage and Deal with an Aggressive Boss

Abuse is painful enough. When the abuser is a boss or someone else with authoritative power, it is even more confusing how you should manage and deal with the aggression. Your boss can trick you into doing nothing in fear of repercussions.

The law does little to protect victims of workplace conflict. Nearly all laws do not take into account verbal conflict, but if the verbal and other emotional abuse approaches physical abuse, the issue can become a legal concern. The typical employee who faces a difficult manager, however, needs to handle the workplace bully through a series of skills in this article.

People who lack the communication skills to deal with a bad boss either: Read more