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Review of Winning with People by John Maxwell

This is a book review of John Maxwell’s Winning With People: Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time.

Some people are born with great relationship skills and so they have an amazing personal and professional life. The majority of people, unfortunately, do not have these skills. Winning with People provides you with the secrets to success in all types of relationships. You learn how to get more friends, strengthen business relationships, and build intimate relationships.

Author John Maxwell is a specialist in leadership training. What he advises in Winning with People feels to be an interesting extension from his experiences as a leader developing relationships. A lot of his experiences, teachings, and lessons are taken from his former role as a pastor.

Each of the 25 chapters is based on a specific principle for winning with people in any situation. Some principles are obvious, but act as a good reminder to implement them in your life. The 25 principles is split into five questions:

  1. The readiness question: Are we prepared for relationships?
  2. The connection question: Are we willing to focus on others?
  3. The trust question: Can we build mutual trust?
  4. The investment question: Are we willing to invest in others?
  5. The synergy question: Can we create a win-win relationship?

The first question makes you ready to have successful relationships. It primes you with the principles for great relationships and winning friends. Too often people are premature in their communication skills by thinking these skills give them their relationships. Communication skills fail you when you have yet to lay the foundations with the readiness question.

Another noteworthy point are the stories used to begin each chapter. You’re able to grasp the chapter’s principle as you read each story. The stories also provides a basis for learning by drawing parallels between the points discussed throughout the chapter and relating them back to the story.

I fittingly experienced John Maxwell winning over me as I read the book.

The questions asked at the end of each principle get you to deeply think about the points mentioned throughout the chapter. They have you explore your experiences in relation to the topic. These are great learning aids.

Winning with People is an easy read. A drawback related to this is the “fluff” which increases the size of the book and makes for unnecessary reading. All the stories scattered throughout the book is the main contributors to this, but nonetheless, the stories remain relevant. The people who like to-the-point books will find this a turn-off. Other people will find this a turn-on.

After reading this book, I left with a feeling of warmth equivalent to an experience when talking to someone who is friendly and caring. This stood out for me. I fittingly experienced John Maxwell winning over me as I read the book.

Brian Tracy has described this book as a modern version of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. I would not say that, but it is an excellent book on winning new friends and improving your current relationships. You can grab your copy now from Amazon by clicking here.

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