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I write the articles, read books, write the book reviews, buy products and programs, write product and program reviews, code the website, manage the tech-geek stuff, design the site, take care of user support, plan, market (so people can visit the site), answer people’s questions, provide a free newsletter, write free communication reports, write books, develop programs, and do other work to get Tower of Power where it is today.

I do all this so you can build friends, influence people, and improve your life. I enjoy hearing how readers change their life.

If you want to make a contribution to help me run, to thank me for my work, or to remove the guilt of receiving so much help and information from me ๐Ÿ™‚ , please follow the steps below. The amount you donate is 100% up to you. However much you donate, I thank you.

How to Donate

Donations are made online securely with PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa. Simply click the item you would like to buy me. Sorry the donations are not tax-deductible though you will receive the satisfaction of knowing you helped.

The drinks are just intended to make it fun. I won’t actually burn all the cash on booze! Your donation will pay for web hosting and other expenses to run the website.

Item Donation
Instant coffee $1
Glass of fresh orange juice (good morning) $1.50
600ml mineral water (keep me healthy) $2
Brewed coffee $3
Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum stubbie $4
4 pack of red bull (great for all night projects) $8
Champagne $15
24 pack of Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum (party at my house) $45
Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch whiskey (700ml) $60
Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch whiskey (700ml) $270
Other donation amount (entered on the next page)

Thanking you for your donation,

Joshua Uebergang aka “Tower of Power”