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Everything You Need to Know About Commenting

The commenting system at the bottom of articles is designed for a quality discussion on the articles.

The Only Rule For Posting a Comment

Respect everyone. Practice your communication skills by following this rule. Comments that consist of meaningless content (simple comments that can be applied to almost any article), inappropriate language, or personal attacks, get deleted. Think about what you say and read your comments before posting.

How to Register for Free

Registration is unnecessary, but I recommend you register if you think you’ll make more than one comment. You can register for free which will enable you to keep track of discussions, manage and edit your comments, and quickly comment without having to fill in your name and email each time. Register for free here today.

Once you sign-up, ensure the email address with an attached image in your Gravatar account is the same as the email address you comment with on Even if you’ve already commented, you can still attach an image to that email address you used to comment and have your special image appear!

How to Style Your Comments

Styling your comments is simple. Firstly, you can use the smilies by clicking on them. Secondly, the text in comments is styled used a simple language called HTML. To use HTML, here is a guideline of popular HTML tags you can use and how to use them:

  • <a href=””>A clickable link<a> will show as A clickable link
  • <strong>Your Text</strong> will show as Your Text
  • <em>Your Text</em> will show as Your Text
  • <strike>Your Text</strike> will show as Your Text

For more advanced users, you can also use: div, span, blockquote, br, img, p, pre, span, strike, strong, sub, sup, ul, ol, li.

When we follow these simple guidelines, we all get the most out of comments. Enjoy the discussions!