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I cannot watch a video on


Carefully follow the two steps below until you can watch the videos on The following steps solve video problems 99.99% of the time:

Adobe Flash Player
  1. The first solution is to make sure you see an image where the video is suppose to be. If you can't see an image, you'll see the message "Flash Player upgrade required". You need to download Adobe Flash Player to play the videos. Many websites like YouTube require this free software. Once you've downloaded and installed it, restart your browser then try watching the video again. You'll have successfully completed this step when you see an image of the video.
  2. The second solution is checking your internet speed. If you still cannot watch the video after the first step, your connection speed is probably slow. Check to see how long it takes to watch a YouTube video to confirm this problem. If you have a 56K dial-up internet connection, any video will take time to download even though all Tower Of Power videos are optimized to be downloaded fast. One work-around solution to this is to click on the video to play it. When you see it starts playing, quickly click the pause button. That way it'll download while you can go do something else around the home!
My problem still isn't solved. What do I do?

That's not really possible. 99.99% of problems are solved by following the above steps. Go through the steps again.

Your last resorts are a Google search for a solution related to viewing flash video or a friend who understands computers.

We cannot provide further help because the steps above describe everything we have to help you solve problems watching Tower of Power videos.

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