Free Test to See if You Have a Social Anxiety Disorder

Take this free online test to see if you have a social anxiety disorder. The quiz is based on the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (L-SAS), and my knowledge having experienced the disorder.

I was “undiagnosed” for 7 years. This stopped me getting help and helping myself. I lived believing I was broken, but it turns out you can turn your life around once you know the problem. I hope the test and resources provide guidance to help you.

Here are three notes about the test. Your results are 100% confidential and never stored. The quiz is not intended to replace a one-on-one professional diagnosis. Respond to each question by picking the answer you think is most accurate. Get started with 16 simple questions below!

  1. Do you avoid phone calls because you feel uncomfortable?

  2. You drop your cup of drink while walking in a shopping centre. You:

  3. You've been invited by a good friend to his party. You reply:

  4. You've been asked to make a speech at family member's wedding. You:

  5. You purchased a camera case that is too small for your camera so you want a refund you're entitled to. You:

  6. You're single and meet a cute member of the opposite sex after a friend introduced the two of you.

  7. You arrive home from a party. You:

  8. You're at a restaurant and need to go to the toilet. You walk in the restroom, all the toilets are being used, and two people are waiting infront of you.

  9. When in a group of people, you:

  10. Do you worry about coming on too strong to people you like?

  11. Do you withdraw from chances to talk with people?

  12. An unimportant presentation you're attending has started, everyone appears seated, and you're late. What do you do?

  13. You are a blusher. How much do you agree with this statement?

  14. A stranger you're in a group with makes a racist comment that hurts another in the group. How do you respond?

  15. What experience is most accurate for you at having to talk with people you don't know?

  16. How do you feel having nearly completed this test?

What to do Next

Once you’ve done the social anxiety disorder test above, continue with these three pointers:

  1. If the test suggested you have social anxiety or a social anxiety disorder, watch this free video and read this article about the only cure to social anxiety.
  2. Get people you care for to take the test. You never know who you will help. Tweet the quiz. Share it by clicking the social media buttons below or emailing the link:
  3. Learn everything you need to confidently talk, make friends, and build a great social life even when you have severe anxiety and am unable to talk to strangers. Check out Big Talk, a special course to get you comfortably making friends with who you want.
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Joshua Uebergang aka "Tower of Power"

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Hi, dear Josh
I got through all the16 tests and the result was No social anxiety disorder. I appreciate it as all of them, as well as the comments including the result were very precise. Congratulations and good luck! : lol: Victor

meenu mishra

dear josh
i found ur tests very effective and functional.
i appreciate ur efforts n they r productive.
i hope u go on making difference in ppl’s lf.
tc n gd luck.

Mariam Ali

I really appreciate what you do to help others. When I took the quiz, there I realized things about myself that I hadn’t realized before (like sometimes sweating or having my heart beat to fast when I talk to strangers). Kudos to you, Joshua Uebergang. By the way, your last name sounds so awesome! :mrgreen:

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