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4 Experts Give Their Best Tips to Improve Your Social Skills

You have the pleasure of listening in on four experts give answers to a variety of questions I asked. Get tips to improve your social skills, discover simple body language adjustments to be better with people, and be more compassionate with yourself seeing their own struggles and what they learned.

Each of these unique individuals have impacted my life in some way through what they teach. I’m excited for them to reveal their best tips right here. Continue Reading

Free Test to See if You Have a Social Anxiety Disorder

Take this free online test to see if you have a social anxiety disorder. The quiz is based on the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (L-SAS), and my knowledge having experienced the disorder.

I was “undiagnosed” for 7 years. This stopped me getting help and helping myself. I lived believing I was broken, but it turns out you can turn your life around once you know the problem. I hope the test and resources provide guidance to help you.

Here are three notes about the test. Your results are 100% confidential and never stored. The quiz is not intended to replace a one-on-one professional diagnosis. Respond to each question by picking the answer you think is most accurate. Get started with 16 simple questions below! Continue Reading

11 Tips From Benjamin Franklin to Make Friends

Few people can boast achievements equal to what Benjamin Franklin (Jan 1706-Apr 1790) accomplished in his lifetime. Coming from simple, working class roots, he made his wealth with his printing business then went on to invent many useful things; the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, the Glass Armonica, bifocals, and Daylight Savings Time. Not just an inventor, he discovered the gulf stream and whirlwinds.

Discontent with all of that, he is also a founding father of the U.S.A. – often hailed as “The First American” for his campaigns towards colonial unity. He served as the governor of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Ambassador to France. A pretty full life don’t you say?

On top of it all, Franklin was well-liked for his wit, charming to men and women, high in his diplomatic ability, and constantly working on a kind personality. A man who greatly impacted politics knew how to get people on his side. Franklin was friends with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Samuel Adams, James Madison, William Keith (the governor of Pennsylvania) and some important European thinkers like Hume and Priestley. He was known to make friends wherever he went, and to keep those friends.

So what can we learn from Benjamin Franklin about making friends? Continue Reading